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He also faced many trials and tribulations and number of times he was detained in various jails across Kashmir valley,' he added.
Three years in the making, 'The Long Shot' follows Keoghan through the trials and tribulations of his training career and the film producer has admitted it is quite a dark programme that lays bare the huge challenges he faced in getting his horses to the track.
But women were the least of his problems as he regaled his audience with the trials and tribulations of being young, gay and predominantly single.
It kicked off in 2005 and has run for seven seasons, following the trials and tribulations of Brenda Leigh Johnson.
Summary: The trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan continue after the star posted on Twitter that she had failed a court-ordered drug test.
Marcos, who -- despite appearing in only a couple of scenes -- looms imperiously over the trials and tribulations of those who are so far below her.
Homer's "The Odyssey" is one of the world's oldest adventure stories and holds the same attraction for contemporary readers that it has for Hellenic antiquity some three thousand years ago as an epic chronicle of adventure recounting the trials and tribulations of Odysseus when that famed Greek war hero tried to make his way home after the fall of Troy.
Nevertheless, teens will enjoy Lissy's trials and tribulations.
Offering insight into the philosophy of Silas, the "Feeding Deacon", Feasting With The Deacon seeks to connect the trials and tribulations of history with the modern-day questions confronting both spiritual and practical life.
The real irony of ironies is that evolution has not evolved ("Evolution in Action: The trials and tribulations of intelligent design" SN: 2/25/06, p.
It was clever to describe the trials and tribulations of your long search in The letter to Anna (all works 2005), an enlarged missive, complete with huge coffee stains, which was strategically hung near a video portrait of Jukka standing in a snowy field in Belgrade, where you met him last winter.
Through all her trials and tribulations, she still manages to inspire.
TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS recounts this campaign and its influence.
In response to the trials and tribulations associated with starting an architectural practice in New York, the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, in association with The Architect's Newspaper, is co-hosting the second of four New Practices Roundtables on Thursday, September 29, from 6:30 p.