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no trespassing

do not enter. (Usually seen on a sign. Not usually spoken.) The sign on the tree said, "No Trespassing." So we didn't go in. The angry farmer chased us out of the field shouting, "Get out! Don't you see the 'No Trespassing' sign?"
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trespass (up)on something

to intrude or encroach onto a restricted or private area. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You had better not trespass upon Mr. Green's land. I wouldn't trespass on that fenced-off land!
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trespass on

1. To enter wrongfully onto some land that belongs to another: We don't tolerate hunters who trespass on our property.
2. To infringe on something, such as another's privacy, time, or attention: Do not trespass on their patience by pursuing this matter any further.
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In each of the next two National Hunt seasons Trespasser had only one race, but on both occasions he triumphed under 12st 7lb in the Imperial Cup.
The most cost-effective and efficient methods of protecting premises from trespassers may be preventative measures such as employing private security teams and/or installing and using reinforced shutters to prevent access to the premises, as successfully dealing with protesters involves practical as well as legal measures.
Block claims to derive such a conclusion from the libertarian axiom of non-aggression, which prohibits harming other human beings (even those not [yet] conscious of their humanity), but allows for forcible removal of trespassers from one's private property (in this case the woman's womb).
At first there seem to be a few objects missing from the daughter's room, but the daughter discovers them in her closet, where the trespasser slept for five nights in a nest created from all the pillows in the house.
Incidents occurred in 65 counties in the state; 40% of injuries occurred in five counties (Fulton County, 50 trespasser injuries; Cobb County, 27; Muscogee County, 15; DeKalb County, 13; and Richmond County, nine).
A trespasser is someone who has no business on the property.
The global engineering, R&D, IT and operational solutions company will provide technical expertise to FRA's Human Factors Research Division, which aims to reduce human factors that cause train, trespasser and grade crossing accidents.
Graham Osment, 37, of no fixed address, admitted stealing a till and contents worth PS300 as a trespasser at British Heart Foundation.
The man Northumbria Police want to speak to after a trespasser got onto the Metro tracks in North Tyneside
A SHOCKING video has shown how trespassers are dicing with death on railway lines as North Wales figures of incidents hit a five-year high.
When she confronted him, the trespasser stabbed her arm with a sharp object before fleeing on foot.
The offence of residential squatting is committed when a person knowingly enters a residential building as a trespasser and is living in the building, or intends to live there, for any period.
Selena Gomez has recently put a trespasser of her new $3 million Calabasas property to jail.
Daniel McVeigh, 23, has been charged with two thefts, being a trespasser with intent to steal and breaking his Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo).
The tracksuited trespasser was one of four men arrested after going in search of a bird's-eye view at a Belfast construction site.