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no trespassing

do not enter. (Usually seen on a sign. Not usually spoken.) The sign on the tree said, "No Trespassing." So we didn't go in. The angry farmer chased us out of the field shouting, "Get out! Don't you see the 'No Trespassing' sign?"
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trespass (up)on something

to intrude or encroach onto a restricted or private area. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You had better not trespass upon Mr. Green's land. I wouldn't trespass on that fenced-off land!
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trespass on

1. To enter wrongfully onto some land that belongs to another: We don't tolerate hunters who trespass on our property.
2. To infringe on something, such as another's privacy, time, or attention: Do not trespass on their patience by pursuing this matter any further.
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Nine days after his County Hurdle victory, Trespasser carried a punitive 14lb penalty in his first Imperial Cup, taking his weight up to 12st, but it did not stop the juvenile breezing home by six lengths.
A Metro spokesman said: "There was a trespasser on the tracks and train services were immediately halted while the police were called in to deal with the incident.
ON, the energy supplier, obtained a pre-emptive injunction to restrain future trespassers defined as "persons unknown", from occupying a power station when it had previously been thought that such injunctions could only be granted against named individuals.
In conclusion, I claim that Block's proposals vis-a-vis abortion and child abandonment are defective because he fails to appreciate the fact that if one voluntarily initiates the causal chain which leads to someone else ending up on his property, the latter person cannot be considered a trespasser.
At first there seem to be a few objects missing from the daughter's room, but the daughter discovers them in her closet, where the trespasser slept for five nights in a nest created from all the pillows in the house.
He was further charged with entering a house as a trespasser and stealing goods worth pounds 200 and breaking his Asbo between December 23 and December 26 by trespassing and stealing property.
There were 71 trespasser deaths on CSXT property in 1995.
Plaintiff status falls into three categories: trespasser, licensee, and invitee.
Technology Solutions Company to Assess Effect of Human Factors on Train, Trespasser and Crossing Accidents
Selena Gomez has recently put a trespasser of her new $3 million Calabasas property to jail.
The offence will be committed where a person is in a residential building as a trespasser, having entered as a trespasser, the person knows or ought to know he or she is a trespasser and the person is living in the building or intends to live there for any period.
Jointly with two others, pleaded guilty to entering Beligica Guest House as a trespasser and stealing clothing and electrical equipment some time between August 31, 2012, and October 30, 2012.
The tracksuited trespasser was one of four men arrested after going in search of a bird's-eye view at a Belfast construction site.
staying back These children are keeping well a away from the quarry edge; but a trespasser is breaking in (left)
A TRESPASSER was jailed for three years yesterday for attacking a farmer who told him, ``Get off my land.