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no trespassing

do not enter. (Usually seen on a sign. Not usually spoken.) The sign on the tree said, "No Trespassing." So we didn't go in. The angry farmer chased us out of the field shouting, "Get out! Don't you see the 'No Trespassing' sign?"
See also: trespass

trespass (up)on something

to intrude or encroach onto a restricted or private area. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You had better not trespass upon Mr. Green's land. I wouldn't trespass on that fenced-off land!
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trespass on

1. To enter wrongfully onto some land that belongs to another: We don't tolerate hunters who trespass on our property.
2. To infringe on something, such as another's privacy, time, or attention: Do not trespass on their patience by pursuing this matter any further.
See also: on, trespass
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the contamination trespass may be difficult, the plaintiff is not harmed
If you just like to spend as much time outdoors be it in the park or on the peaks Trespass provide affordable practical performance at all levels.
In 2008, the Supreme Court of Texas released a long-awaited opinion addressing subsurface trespass in the context of hydraulic fracturing: Coastal Oil & Gas Corp.
Generally, trespass to chattel punishes one who substantially interferes with the use of another's personal property, or chattel.
a federal district court case with facts similar to those outlined above, the plaintiffs' claims for continuing nuisance and trespass were the only ones to survive summary judgment after negligence, strict liability, and statutory claims were dismissed under the statute of limitations.
Select Cases of Trespass from the King's Courts 1307-1399, v.
The Court held that the state housing agency's trespass policy did not violate the First Amendment's over breadth doctrine because neither the basis for the barment sanction, a prior trespass, nor its purpose, preventing future trespasses, implicates the First Amendment.
A British woman who returned to the US recently to face charges of trespass at an American airport has been convicted of defiant trespass.
The alleged trespass occurred years before Capitol Lakes bought land adjoining the Oasis Renewal Center.
A well thought-out policy can also help clarify for administrators the murkiest areas of the Patriot Act, such as the sections which relate to computer trespass, and which seem to give law enforcement unchecked powers.
He was released after being questioned by Swiss police, and will be charged for trespass in the coming weeks but is unlikely to be jailed for the offence.
It largely focused on a separate issue: whether the rice farmers were required to prove at trial that they hadn't consented to the well driller's supposed trespass.
Horn faces charges that include second-degree assault, interfering with a police officer, first-degree theft, disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
Rodriguez said the privacy of individuals and their families has been violated by people who trespass through intrusive modern visual or auditory enhancement devices, such as powerful telephoto lenses and hyperbolic microphones.