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buck the trend

To develop in an unexpected, surprising, or unforeseen way, especially in a way that contradicts recent history. Typically used in reference to financial matters. Although property values in our city are down overall, one neighborhood is bucking the trend and still getting fair market value.
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trend toward something

to move gradually toward something. Fashions are trending toward the gaudy and flamboyant. Attitudes are trending toward the more conservative.
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The past 12 months have seen major developments both in science and in strategy, and the following trends are now here to stay:
Ten Key Trends in Functional Foods 2007 is a practical tool, setting out the effect these key trends will have on company strategies.
For the 2007 Future Trends issue, the Intelligence Group conducted more than 1,200 qualitative and quantitative in-person and online interviews with mainstream consumers and hand-recruited trend-setters in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Washington D.
Highlights from the 2007 Future Trends issue of the Cassandra Report[R] include:
Breakdown of Technology Trends sample by vertical market
MNG, an Indianapolis, IN-based company which specializes in bringing broadcasters additional content specifically tailored for the multicast environment, will provide the infrastructure for Motor Trend TV.
Trend watching and prediction has become a major business with new agencies popping up every minute.
Trends concerning boomeranging children, extended singleton and extended time spent as older consumers have all become more pronounced across the globe.
Trend 3: Farewell "good diets and bad diets", welcome to "good foods and bad
2 Market scale trends and predictions based on device type
The SCP audit provided confirmation that Trend Micro has the people, the training, the processes and the infrastructure that can generate the highest levels of satisfaction among our premium support customers," said Hammud Saway, Global Director of Premium Services, Trend Micro.
Among the major trends it foresees are a strong shift to the corporate market, increased migration to server-based and gateway implementations, the integration of antivirus with other content security functions, and the rise of a value-added service model with antivirus protection distributed through Service Providers via the Internet.
Trend Micro's corporate headquarters is located in Tokyo, with business units in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.