trend toward

trend toward something

to move gradually toward something. Fashions are trending toward the gaudy and flamboyant. Attitudes are trending toward the more conservative.
See also: toward, trend
References in classic literature ?
This universal trend toward consolidation has introduced a variety of problems that will engage the ablest brains in the telephone world for many years to come.
There are no features to this land, no conspicuous, far-famed landmarks for the eye; there is nothing so far down to tell you of the greatest agglomeration of mankind on earth dwelling no more than five and twenty miles away, where the sun sets in a blaze of colour flaming on a gold background, and the dark, low shores trend towards each other.
NEW YORK -- The industry trend toward a global phasedown of HFCs was among the topics of Danfoss's 19th annual press briefing during AHR Expo.
Infuse OBCs further support the trend toward olefin-based specialty elastomers.
For years we've been told that we're becoming (to borrow the title of one gloomy book) "overworked Americans," working longer and longer hours each week and reversing the trend toward shorter hours that dominated the early 20th century, in a paper released last December by the National Bureau of Economic Research, two economists--Peter Kuhn of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Fernando Lozano of Pomona College--combed through census data on employed men ages 25 to 64 to determine which groups were most likely to work long hours (defined as 50 hours per week or more).
However, all trials showed a significant improvement or a trend toward improvement in UPDRS.
According to AET, over the past 15 years there has been a continuing trend toward the lifting of fish advisories and consequent ecosystem recovery; AET credits the trend to the virtual elimination of dioxin discharges resulting from elimination of chlorine in favor of chlorine dioxide in the first stage of chemical pulp bleaching, elemental chlorine-free (ECF).
He and his colleagues made the prototype, in line with a trend toward the morphing of even full-scale aircraft (SN: 12/06/03, p.
05, page 12) the first paragraph citing the growth of the profession and the trend toward periodic audits by CPAs noted, "Banks, trust companies and insurance companies have more recently adopted the same plan as a guarantee of security to depositors and policyholders, and the best method of protecting against fraud.
is designed to meet the growing trend toward flexible, short-run operations.
The general trend toward increased tourism in the Caribbean should result in the posting of more solid gains for virtually all of the economies in the region," she said.
This is a timely revision of Shabecoff's 1992 definitive history of the American conservation and environmental movements, which brings the story up to the present with an ominous view of where the nation is headed: "As this is being written, the trend toward a rapidly deteriorating environment is not being altered but accelerated.
The trend toward massive material recovery facilities (MRFs) in the municipal segment ,and larger "super yards" in the scrap sector has created several challenges for plant managers and equipment providers.
The Travelstar's new performance speed also helps to support an industry trend toward using notebooks as a desktop replacement.