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buck the trend

To develop in an unexpected, surprising, or unforeseen way, especially in a way that contradicts recent history. Typically used in reference to financial matters. Although property values in our city are down overall, one neighborhood is bucking the trend and still getting fair market value.
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on trend

Adhering to what is currently trendy or fashionable. Ooh, that design is so on-trend—I love it!
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trend toward (something)

To show a gradual and general inclination or tendency toward something. With an increasing number of companies competing for customers' business, the industry has been trending toward more consumer-friendly practices. Media outlets continue to trend toward an online-only presence as the print industry becomes less and less relevant.
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trend toward something

to move gradually toward something. Fashions are trending toward the gaudy and flamboyant. Attitudes are trending toward the more conservative.
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- P3 protein packs are snacking (Key Trend 7) and protein (Key Trend 3)
The notation "Trending now," which you see at both Twitter and Bing, describes breaking news, not long-term trends. Twitter trends stem from posted tweets.
Given that the reason of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is the Armenian aggression, it looks extremely strange and outrageous that Zakharova called Trend correspondent's question a statement.
The increase in precipitation in the western Pacific Ocean cancels out part of the positive trend in the eastern Pacific, resulting in an overall insignificant negative trend in the Pacific Ocean rainfall.
Often combined with other hot trends such as 3D compositions and creative typography, this trend creates the effect of a real-life composition.
Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its 2018 Color and Design Trends Report featuring five color palettes with an emphasis on Celebrations--of memories, natural wonders, the stars and unknown, life's adventures and childhood joys.
Generally speaking, Facebook names its Topics the same way Twitter names its trends: If users are saying it, then it goes up verbatim.
A second measure of trend inflation can be obtained from a statistical model (denoted Model 1 at right) that uses information from both inflation and long-run inflation expectations obtained from the Survey of Professional Forecasters (see Chan, Clark, and Koop 2015 for details).
Glassdoor Trends takes into account the past several months of job seeker activity for thousands of jobs and companies to identify notable or unexpected spikes.
The changing in precipitation trend based on time series is the temporal shift in rainfall patterns which may be either increasing or decreasing and this trend change is the dominant component of the climatic variations.
Canadean's trend framework covers nine mega-trends and 20 trends, with consumer data analyzing the influence of these trends across 10 key countries, and identifies the key age, gender, wealth, and leisure time groups for each trend.
The Fifa World cup, iPhone 6, Robin Williams and Malaysian Airlines crash were among the UAE's top seach trends, the survey showed.
Los Angeles, CA, June 05, 2014 --( Closet Factory, a nationwide designer and manufacturer of custom home storage solutions, announced today that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Source Interlink Media, the publisher of Motor Trend, to produce custom garage storage solutions under the Motor Trend Brand.
Each listed trend will include a short description, and users can click on the link to show posts and content related to the topic.