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in fear and trembling

Cliché with anxiety or fear; with dread. In fear and trembling, I went into the room to take the test. The witness left the courtroom in fear and trembling.
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tremble at something

to shake with fear or anticipation at the thought of something. David trembled at the thought of having to go to Russia by himself. Carl trembled at the idea of winning first place.
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tremble from something

to shake or vibrate in response to something like an explosion or an earthquake. The house trembled from the blast. I could feel the bridge trembling from the minor earthquake that I was hearing about on the radio.
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tremble with something

to tremble because of something. The children trembled with fear during the storm. David trembled with rage when he saw his slashed tires.
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in fear and ˈtrembling (of somebody/something)

(written) feeling very frightened or anxious: They lived in fear and trembling of being discovered by the police.
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It's a cat-and-mouse game between hackers and those of us who are in charge of security because what we do this year in terms of preventive measures might not apply next year," Trembly says.
Since all of the author's narrative and some of her direct quotes are unsupported by citations, we are not told where we can check these details, nor can we follow up on the student who said that Addams looked "very trembly.
The ba ba lanolin fur-ears sex Trembling Lamb where I enter the matted meat of trembly sheep and the cunt warm & woman sized offered by the lamb.
Trembly, Y2K Could Drive Insurers Out of Business, NATIONAL UNDERWRITER LIFE & HEALTH-FINANCIAL SERVICES EDITION 29, June 1, 1998.
Trembly would not let me give up hope of some day being free of the seizures.
2, has stymied seismologists who are trying to understand a normally stable patch of the seafloor turned so trembly.
He started to say that she needed a boyfriend, but then he looked around at the dry-rotted curtains, the twelve-foot ceilings lined with dusty plaster molding, and then back at her trembly shoulders, realizing that she was so out of touch and rusty at life that the only man she should see was a psychiatrist, so then he said, "a job," just because he had to finish the sentence.
The much-praised freedom and serenity they have built for themselves in an apartment high above the New York streets seem forlorn and dead: "I have the fantasy that when we get too old to continue in the magazine and book trade the two of us, white-haired and with trembly hands, will go on puttering amongst our papers and books until when the dusk of some winter day fades into darkness we'll fail to put on the lights in these rooms of ours, and when the sun shines in next norming there will be simply no trace of us.
Trembly, "Interstitial and Intracavitary Microwave Hyperthermia," Hyp.
Moreover, investment dealers are becoming more willing to commit their own capital to real estate projects that carry an acceptable rating, Trembly said.
Five days of unremitting kindness have left me trembly, without resources, like a child.
The Tracey Miller Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Chapter Member will go to CBS' Cristy Trembly.
Third Round day at the Lane used to be all about Ossie's trembly knees.
The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has named the following Boylston students to its spring semester Dean's List: Christian Albert Trembly, James Patrick Heslin, Milana Lev Abidor, Nicholas Frank Munro, and Rachel M.