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in fear and trembling

Cliché with anxiety or fear; with dread. In fear and trembling, I went into the room to take the test. The witness left the courtroom in fear and trembling.
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tremble at something

to shake with fear or anticipation at the thought of something. David trembled at the thought of having to go to Russia by himself. Carl trembled at the idea of winning first place.
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tremble from something

to shake or vibrate in response to something like an explosion or an earthquake. The house trembled from the blast. I could feel the bridge trembling from the minor earthquake that I was hearing about on the radio.
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tremble with something

to tremble because of something. The children trembled with fear during the storm. David trembled with rage when he saw his slashed tires.
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in fear and ˈtrembling (of somebody/something)

(written) feeling very frightened or anxious: They lived in fear and trembling of being discovered by the police.
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References in classic literature ?
Dost thou not tremble, wicked king, to turn shine eyes inward on shine own heart?
That is the Minotaur's noise," whispered Ariadne, closely grasping the hand of Theseus, and pressing one of her own hands to her heart, which was all in a tremble.
said the latter, with insistence, but all of a tremble with excitement.
One shove more, one last heroic effort, and it would tremble across the scales to victory.
It seemed to tremble, and to clasp its hands, and to smile, and to burst into tears.
How often did a tremble shake his frame, and cold drops of terror start upon his brow, when a sudden trampling of feet caused him to fear that something too dreadful to think of, had even then occurred
Maggie's lips grew whiter, and she began to tremble almost as Tom had done.
2) Eleanor Buchinski holds out her hands to demonstrate how her right hand is free of trembling, thanks to deep brain stimulation, while her left hand still trembles uncontrollably.
His lip trembles as he talks about his family and when asked about the food he replies: "It's not like Paris.
The atmosphere at Sinai trembles with something else besides the shock of newness--with threat, with violence--but why?
It is the silence before an earthquake, when everything trembles sensing the power that is coming and how all will be upheaval and opening.
MONTREAL -- The Pivot Program, which delivers services to English-speaking residents living in the largely francophone areas of the city from Rosemount to Point aux Trembles will not be closed by the Montreal Regional Health Board.
SAD can induce panic attacks, which are intense episodes of fear that include sweating, blushing, muscle trembles, racing heart and a feeling that something is very wrong.