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tremble at (something)

To feel profound excitement, anticipation, anxiety, or fear from the thought of some action or thing. You'll never get anywhere in business if you tremble at the idea of doing something risky. We all trembled at the thought of having that much money at our disposal.
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tremble from (something)

To shake as the result of some powerful, concussive force. The tables all trembled from the passing train. Every buildings within a five-mile radius trembled from the explosion.
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tremble with (something)

To experience some intense emotion or condition, such as excitement, anticipation, anxiety, or fear, that causes one to shake or feel giddy. The children trembled with fear as the bear approached them in the woods. I trembled with excitement at the thought of having my own car.
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in fear and trembling

Experiencing great fear and worry. Carrie's been in fear and trembling waiting for the doctor to call with her test results. After hearing his enemy's threats, Tom was obviously in fear and trembling.
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in fear and trembling

Cliché with anxiety or fear; with dread. In fear and trembling, I went into the room to take the test. The witness left the courtroom in fear and trembling.
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tremble at something

to shake with fear or anticipation at the thought of something. David trembled at the thought of having to go to Russia by himself. Carl trembled at the idea of winning first place.
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tremble from something

to shake or vibrate in response to something like an explosion or an earthquake. The house trembled from the blast. I could feel the bridge trembling from the minor earthquake that I was hearing about on the radio.
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tremble with something

to tremble because of something. The children trembled with fear during the storm. David trembled with rage when he saw his slashed tires.
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in fear and ˈtrembling (of somebody/something)

(written) feeling very frightened or anxious: They lived in fear and trembling of being discovered by the police.
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Lures to target wahoo come in a few categories such as skirted ballyhoo, tremblers, high speed lures and lipped plugs.
I like to quick-troll these with just a pair of diving plugs, usually a trembler and a Stretch.
Instructions/Remarks: 1 The Railways Reserve The Right To Order Entire Or Bulk Quantity From Icf Approved Sourcesd For Trembler Bell Sl.No.5.10 Of Icf-Elect-1-2,Version-07,Rev.
Par deux fois, Junior Stanislas faisait trembler les tribunes (7e, 12e) et Courtois, pour son retour a la competition, devait s'employer devant King (15e).
Les Berkanis ont ete les premiers a faire trembler les filets grace a Mohamed Aziz a la 18e minute et Mohamed Sanogo a la 22 e minute avant que les mesfiouis ne remettent les pendues a l'heure grace aux buts de l'Ivoirien Kassi Mathias a la 36 e minute et le Senegalais Ibrahima Diop, deux minutes avant la fin de la premiere mi-temps.
The Irish National Seismic Network said the trembler had a depth of 12km at 11.28pm and the epicentre was 2km off Wales.
S'ils ont fait trembler Bordeaux dans une seconde periode a leur avantage, ils ont paye leur entame sans saveur.
With three flat sides, the Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler reflects fish-attracting light in all directions.
JOY BOYS: United skipper Gary Neville leads the victory celebrations while (inset, left) Shevchenko hails Drogba after his goal last night; KNEE TREMBLER: Liverpool's Jamie Carragher catches Wayne Rooney in a challenge that saw the United striker limp off Picture by: MAGI HAROUN
Storylines have yet to be finalised but characters high on the list to be axed must be - the wooden Dave Stocks, OTT lip- trembler Nicola and that humungous minger Minty who seems to think he is in panto.
Les Etats-Unis sont en guerre, commerciale, contre la Chine, la Russie et dernierement la Turquie, et toutes les trois, sans trembler, font face au president americain, Donald Trump, en repliquent a la hauteur des sanctions.
Tenders are invited for Trembler Bell Suitable For Operation On 110V Dc To Specn.Icf/Elec./052 Cs No.02 And Drg.No.Icf/Sk-7-2-158 Alt.A/3.
Son nom ne dit plus rien a personne mais son invention a fait trembler, exulter ou pleurer des centaines de millions de fans de foot : la Fifa va financer la restauration de la tombe de William McCrum, le createur du penalty, mort en 1932.
A voir le mur rennais trembler sur une nouvelle tentative laborieusement repoussee en fin de match par Costil (82e), il semblerait meme qu'il ait reussi a insuffler un nouveau vent de terreur comme l'a fait pendant huit ans son illustre predecesseur.
Knee trembler on the bus, round the back of the kebab shop?" "Least I didn't ask for a tenner afterwards," Rachel sneers as the women come to blows and she suffers a searing pain.