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tremble at (something)

To feel profound excitement, anticipation, anxiety, or fear from the thought of some action or thing. You'll never get anywhere in business if you tremble at the idea of doing something risky. We all trembled at the thought of having that much money at our disposal.
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tremble from (something)

To shake as the result of some powerful, concussive force. The tables all trembled from the passing train. Every buildings within a five-mile radius trembled from the explosion.
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tremble with (something)

To experience some intense emotion or condition, such as excitement, anticipation, anxiety, or fear, that causes one to shake or feel giddy. The children trembled with fear as the bear approached them in the woods. I trembled with excitement at the thought of having my own car.
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in fear and trembling

Experiencing great fear and worry. Carrie's been in fear and trembling waiting for the doctor to call with her test results. After hearing his enemy's threats, Tom was obviously in fear and trembling.
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in fear and trembling

Cliché with anxiety or fear; with dread. In fear and trembling, I went into the room to take the test. The witness left the courtroom in fear and trembling.
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tremble at something

to shake with fear or anticipation at the thought of something. David trembled at the thought of having to go to Russia by himself. Carl trembled at the idea of winning first place.
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tremble from something

to shake or vibrate in response to something like an explosion or an earthquake. The house trembled from the blast. I could feel the bridge trembling from the minor earthquake that I was hearing about on the radio.
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tremble with something

to tremble because of something. The children trembled with fear during the storm. David trembled with rage when he saw his slashed tires.
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in fear and ˈtrembling (of somebody/something)

(written) feeling very frightened or anxious: They lived in fear and trembling of being discovered by the police.
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Glen Eugene Assoun trembled on the brink of tears Monday as a judge granted him bail after serving more than 16 years behind bars for a murder he and his lawyers say he didn't commit.
He trembled when he had to look at an image of the sitting room where he had done what he did.
But instead of pedestrians walking across overhead, for years homes of the residents trembled as cars and heavy duty trucks past, the report said.
WORCESTER - For a decade, Eleanor Buchinski's hands trembled so badly she could not drink without a straw, cook without spilling food all over her stove or sign her name.
2 : to move, sound, or happen as if shaken The building trembled.
I hardly need to rehearse the aura of the exceptional that fills the narrative of the Sinai revelation, the radical break from the ordinary, from life as they knew it--with Moses leading them, not only out of Egypt, out of their habitual slavery, but also out of their camp in the wilderness to be suddenly subjected to a terrifying sound and light show: "now at daybreak on the third day there were peals of thunder on the mountain and lightning flashes, a dense cloud, and a loud trumpet blast, and inside the camp all the people trembled.
Dear Editor, - My dad, an old Coldstream guardsman (North Africa and Cassino) liked a little flutter on the horses - only on a Saturday - and, as he went off with his two or three bets of a 'shilling each way', the bookie must have trembled.
Her arms trembled almost spastically, and it seemed she was losing her mind.