tremble at

tremble at (something)

To feel profound excitement, anticipation, anxiety, or fear from the thought of some action or thing. You'll never get anywhere in business if you tremble at the idea of doing something risky. We all trembled at the thought of having that much money at our disposal.
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tremble at something

to shake with fear or anticipation at the thought of something. David trembled at the thought of having to go to Russia by himself. Carl trembled at the idea of winning first place.
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The author of these final chapters identifies with those who "tremble at the word of Yahweh" and are called Yahweh's servants; their opponents are the temple priesthood, who are accused of alien cultic practices.
It used to be pictures of scantily clad women that made censors shudder; now we tremble at images of smoking--so much so that some Hollywood directors have taken a pledge to eradicate cigarettes from their films.