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trek across something

to hike or march across something. The scouts trekked across the fields of the small farming community. I don't look forward to trekking across the desert.
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trek to

some place to hike or march to some place. I have to trek all the way to the store because my car is in the shop. We trekked to the cabin and made that our base camp for the whole two weeks.
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The trekkers, while sharing their expeditions of the year 2017, said trekking was beneficial for both physical and mental health.
Dr Abdul Hadi, general secretary of trekking club, welcomed the trekkers and guests and shared the annual expeditions of the club to various mountainous regions of Pakistan, including Falak Ser in Swat valley, Tangir and Phundar in Gilgit and Kohistan.
The trekking parties was included on China K-7 BC Trek 2016, Baltoro K-2 BC Trek 2016, Baltoro K-2 BC Trek 2016, Baltoro K-2 BC Trek 2016.
Trekking in Nepal requires a Trekker Information Management Systems (TIMS) card along with the entry tickets of national parks.
Some regions such as Dolpo, Manaslu and Mustang require special trekking permits that are only available with trekking agents.
The entry fee is Rs 1000 for four people including the trekking crew of porter, guide and yaks.
Requires prior trekking experience and/ or special guidance
The results showed that there was significantly less muscle soreness in the group using trekking poles.
The trekking tour will cost a person about rupees 2,000.
The exhaustion of trekking to 21,000 feet forced setbacks when three students developed altitude sickness and cerebral edema, a life-threatening swelling of the brain caused by low oxygen levels.