trek across

trek across (something or some place)

To make a slow, arduous journey across something or some place, especially on foot. We're spending the summer trekking across southern France. I trekked across town to see the exhibit at the museum. The villagers have to trek across this dangerous marsh every day in order to reach the only source of potable water in the area.
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trek across something

to hike or march across something. The scouts trekked across the fields of the small farming community. I don't look forward to trekking across the desert.
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Abu Dhabi: After becoming the youngest Arab to trek across the North Pole in May of this year, Abdullah Al Ahbabi, 26, is aiming to repeat that feat, only this time he plans on doing it on the South Pole.
Synopsis: "Space Cowboy Odyssey: Horse Trek Across America from San Diego to Canada in 1970" by Thor Wier is the story of three young men seeking truth by traveling across America from San Diego to Hope British Columbia by horse.
FASHION designer Julien Macdonald is swapping sequins for sand as he embarks on a gruelling charity trek across the Sahara.
BILLY Connolly will swap his motorbike for the train when he films an 8,000-mile trek across the US.
GATESHEAD-BORN pop star Michelle Heaton put on her walking boots for a gruelling charity trek across Morocco.
CHAMPION PROFILE Name: Gary Redman Hometown: Princethorpe, Warks Occupation: Managing director at Now Careers UK Brief description: Company boss completes trek across India which raised PS12,000 for Birmingham Children's Hospital ABUSINESSMAN has 'tuk-tuk' this week's Charity Champion crown after driving around India in a threewheeler rickshaw, raising a massive PS12,000 for Birmingham Children's Hospital at the same time.
Apart from the desert, jungle and mountainous terrain he will face on his trek across the world's fourth largest island, Ash could also come up against some rather unpleasant inhabitants - the local crocodiles.
MIDLAND MIDLAND AAAwoman has completed a 100-mile trek completed "A 100-mile trek across the Sahara in memo across the Sahara in memo-ry of her late soldier broth ry of her late soldier broth-er.
Jonny Connop, from Newcastle, is drumming up sponsorship ahead of a bike ride that will see him joined by two friends on a 3,200-mile coast-to-coast trek across America to raise funds to help The Percy Hedley Foundation create a sensory room for disabled children.
In February, Mark will form part of a team of three Polar explorers from the UK who will attempt to trek across the polar icecap.
A WOMAN who tragically lost her child during pregnancy is set to trek across the Sahara desert to raise cash for others.
Meningitis UK is hosting its first Big Trek Across Wales, a wonderful 33-mile stroll through the picturesque Cambrian Mountains over two days, August 16 to 18.
The Great Bicycle Experiment: The Army's Historic Black Bicycle Corps 1896-97 provides a fine true adventure story about an elite company of twenty African American soldiers who in 1897 went on a 1,900-mile trek across the country on bicycles from Fort Missoula Montana to Saint Louis, Missouri.
A TIRELESS charity fundraiser is looking forward to his next epic challenge - a 75-mile trek across the Amazon rainforest.
A Worcester-based solicitor is swapping his business suit for hiking gear later this month as he takes on a 40-mile trek across Romania's Cindrel Mountains to raise much-needed funds for the country's 80,000 orphans.