treat (someone or oneself) to (something)

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treat (someone or oneself) to (something)

To pay for or provide something to someone or oneself as a special gift or treat. She treated all the kids to ice cream after the movie. I decided to treat myself to a nice meal after getting such a good result on my exam.
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treat someone to something

to provide and pay for something for someone as a gift or as entertainment. I will be delighted to treat you to dinner. After the play, they treated themselves to pie and coffee.
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treat to

To provide someone with some food, entertainment, or gifts at one's own expense: She treated her brother to dinner and a movie. I treat myself to a day in the country once in a while.
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Our favourite EastEnder Danny Dyer was on sparkling form at the Baftas, treating us to some top bantz in a photobooth.
The Welsh rockers were clearly high on Christmas spirit, telling us about their present shopping in Birmingham, bestowing festive wishes and treating us to an acoustic rendition of Wham!'s Last Christmas.
As well as a selection of covers, longstanding fans will no doubt be intrigued to learn that she'll be treating us to her first live rendition of her debut hit As Tears Go By in its original arrangement.
After treating us to hours of armchair torture presenting Changing Rooms, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has decided to take his own brand of punishment to our prisons.
KELIS: Tasty (Virgin) After treating us to 2004's first killer single with Milkshake, stunning six-footer Kelis makes an even stronger claim to Beyonce's throne with this album.
One feels that the author has been perhaps somewhat indulgent in treating us to the process of reconstructing the story, rather than simply relating the story itself.