treat (someone or something) with kid gloves

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treat (someone or something) with kid gloves

To handle with very gentle care, often to the point of coddling. Kid gloves are very soft leather gloves, typically made from the skin of a young goat (a "kid"). I can't stand the way my family always treats my younger brother with kid gloves, trying to protect him from every little thing! We'll need to treat the two parties in the merger with kid gloves—both clients are extremely sensitive.
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treat someone with kid gloves


handle someone with kid gloves

If you treat someone with kid gloves or handle them with kid gloves, you treat them very carefully, for example because they are very important or because they are easily upset. Some artists have to be handled with kid gloves and apparently Jake thinks Lotte is one of them. This is someone that you will have to treat with kid gloves. Note: Occasionally, people say that they treat or handle something with kid gloves, to mean that they are very careful about it. Even in presidential campaigns, foreign policy is treated with kid gloves. Note: Kid gloves is used in other structures and expressions where you are describing how carefully someone is being treated. We must take off the kid gloves and smash these evil monsters once and for all. They accused him of using kid gloves to deal with violence and intimidation. Note: People sometimes use this expression when they want to suggest that they do not think this kind of treatment is right or necessary. Note: Kid is very soft leather.
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handle, treat, etc. somebody with kid ˈgloves

treat somebody very carefully and gently because you do not want to upset them or make them angry: She is so easily upset that I feel I have to treat her with kid gloves all the time.
Kid gloves are made of very soft leather from the skin of a kid (= a young goat).
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Dyche, who took over at Turf Moor six years ago, admits his side's confidence is so low he is treating them with kid gloves to give them a fighting chance of beating relegation.
In contrast, the BJP leaders who denigrated icons venerated by millions are sitting pretty with the party treating them with kid gloves.
The best that Mike Whitby can conjure up is that "lessons should be learnt" and the truism that robbery and intimidation are wrong (where do they find these grey guys with their hackneyed words, their trite thoughts?) Nationally, TV journalists tugged forelocks to hooded youths wearing scarves over their faces to avoid identification, treating them with kid gloves, under the impression these semi-literate yobs could explain why so many of their cronies had robbed and destroyed.
Instead of treating them with kid gloves, McGuigan got the children to tell their own stories in their words.
And he doesn't believe in treating them with kid gloves. If he thinks a kid ismoaning about lack of opportunity, he will sit him down and tell him to stuff runs or wickets down the selectors' throats.
They are used to us treating them with kid gloves, I think when the gloves came off they were surprised.