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(do something) a treat

To do something very well, adeptly, or satisfactorily. Primarily heard in UK. After we oiled up the chain a bit, that old bike worked a treat. My daughter's singing went down a treat with the family members gathered at our house for Christmas. Wow, this suit fits a treat! It makes such a difference going to a tailor.
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treat someone (for something) (with something)

to attempt to cure someone's illness, injury, or disease with something. The doctor treated me for the flu with aspirin. It didn't work, but it was cheap. They treated him for his broken bones. Ann treated him with the appropriate therapy.
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Commercial heat treater Bluewater Thermal Processing, Highland Heights, Ohio, installed a Basketless Heat Treatment System from Can-Eng Furnaces, Niagara Falls, N.
The timing and process of termination should be discussed by both treaters, and responsibilities for follow-up and recurrent symptoms should be made explicit, Dr.
NAHB attorney Gary Komarow is hopeful "the Pulte decision could motivate the treaters and their insurance companies to get negotiations back on track.
A corona treater is basically a capacitor with an electrode--either ceramic or metallic--discharging voltage into the air directly above the film which is running over a covered roll," explains Fred Paonessa, sales and marketing Manager for Impreglon Cellramic.
Operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and receive on screen feedback on current segment position.
German manufacturer of corona treaters and flame treaters.
Our partnerships with leading OEMs ensure seamless treater integration with all types of presses.
Even people with existing corona treaters can enjoy the benefits of the DT[+.
3DT says MM treater blades give either higher treatment levels or faster line speeds with lower energy usage than conventional bar electrodes.
Louis, is built to fit in the same space as a flame treater.
It is going to be especially welcome news for plant operators who are now struggling with very short clay treater cycles or wish to expand throughput.
Enercon Industries has introduced Dyne-A-Mite IT, a surface treater that provides a safe and effective means of cleaning surfaces and raising surface energy to promote the adhering and bonding of a wide variety of materials.
Also showing a small corona treater from Ahlbrandt Systems GmbH in Germany.
Rite Aid has a wide selection of costumes available, ranging from the tiniest trick or treater to the adults out painting the town orange and black, and everyone in between.