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At Hachioji Hospital in Tokyo, Toyoaki Uchida and his colleagues have treated more than 200 men since 1999.
The treated cavities started with a very low level of o-rings stuck, with an eventual trend of increasing numbers after 11-12 cycles, but still lower than the untreated cavities.
Wood characterized by very large dimensions had likely been used for industrial applications and are almost exclusively treated and should not be recycled as mulch.
Preservative treated wood represents a challenge to C&D wood recyclers in that such wood must be carefully sorted out.
There are reports that Home Depot and Lowe's, two of the nation's largest building supplies retailers, have had problems with wood treated with the alternatives.
I treated so many burned hands of people who lobbed tear gas canisters back at the cops or away from the crowd.
At the 8th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in early 2001, several presentations looked at STIs or treatment discontinuation in patients treated during acute or early infection.
Under section 351(g)(2)(A), "preferred stock," which is defined under section 351(g)(3) as "stock which is limited and preferred as to dividends and does not participate in corporate growth to any significant extent," is treated as NQPS if any of the following criteria is satisfied:
MgFeSi disperses 400-450 g of oxides including Mg, iron, Si, calcium (Ca), and aluminum (Al) in each ton of treated iron.
In some situations, an entity is formed as either a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership, but seeks to be treated as an S corporation.
Instead, the committee members said Lancaster's sewage should be treated until it is safe for human contact and used for irrigating parks or landscaping or - eventually - for replenishing the underground aquifer, rather than creating new farm fields just to get rid of it.
Because CCA production had accounted for 90 percent of domestic arsenic use, EPA notes that the treated lumber's phaseout should "virtually eliminate" this poison's U.
Wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) will present potential recycled wood products contamination, a regulator from the State of Florida told attendees of the C&D World conference in Fort Lauderdale.
CPSC staff plans to issue a briefing package on the potential hazards of playground equipment treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) next month.
In a 1992 test performed by a heat treating service, a machine shop was asked to compare the machinability of two groups of ductile iron castings under 40 lb - one was cast to 80-55-06 and one was heat treated to the same.