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(do something) a treat

To do something very well, adeptly, or satisfactorily. Primarily heard in UK. After we oiled up the chain a bit, that old bike worked a treat. My daughter's singing went down a treat with the family members gathered at our house for Christmas. Wow, this suit fits a treat! It makes such a difference going to a tailor.
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treat someone (for something) (with something)

to attempt to cure someone's illness, injury, or disease with something. The doctor treated me for the flu with aspirin. It didn't work, but it was cheap. They treated him for his broken bones. Ann treated him with the appropriate therapy.
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Retailers who wish to carry the treats may contact their Health Extension distributor or call Health Extension directly at 800-992-9738.
The FDA report also pointed out that it reviewed seven instances of other problems related to bone treats, including mold and treats that splintered when chewed.
"For the dog and cat products market, treats made up approximately 16 percent of the pet food market in 2014, for a total approaching $5 billion across all channels," says Brown.
It provides that if such a trust "distributes an ownership interest in an entity ..., then for testing dates on or after the date of the distribution, the distributed ownership interest is treated as having been acquired by the distributee on the date and in the manner acquired by the trust and not as having been acquired or disposed of by the trust." In other words, the later action of distribution will have the effect of treating the holder of the distributed interest as having owned the stock all along.
Specialty pharmacists and nurses have advanced training in the use of complex medications and specialized knowledge of the relatively uncommon diseases they treat. The patient-care team works with the patient to address questions regarding medications, proactively manage medication side effects, monitor patient progress and help identify resources for those needing assistance with copays and other issues.
The patient had purchased and fed beef pet treats to her dog before the onset of her illness.
But Oregon had treated just a dozen of its at least 3,500 hepatitis C-positive inmates when Burrows filed suit.
Is the full amount of the bequest subject to the waiver treated as income to the son?
Medley has facilitated the cooperation of University of Miami and University of Florida researchers to work with Florida Wood Recycling to document the efficiency of different sorting methods to identify treated wood within C&D scrap wood.
Because of their large dimensions, wood treated with oilborne preservatives can be readily identified and removed from the recycling stream.
Currently, the committee plans further investigations to improve the new heat treat development.
* Treat your exposed skin with an insect repellent containing DEET.
Despite the range of treatments available, chronic pain sufferers still have difficulty finding health care professionals who can effectively treat their pain.
I assured many patients with no or minimal fibrosis that we could wait to treat their HCV; they were not in any immediate danger.
Shopping for clothes and shoes is the favoured treat for both sexes with eating out second, the research said.