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(do something) a treat

To do something very well, adeptly, or satisfactorily. Primarily heard in UK. After we oiled up the chain a bit, that old bike worked a treat. My daughter's singing went down a treat with the family members gathered at our house for Christmas. Wow, this suit fits a treat! It makes such a difference going to a tailor.
See also: treat

treat someone (for something) (with something)

to attempt to cure someone's illness, injury, or disease with something. The doctor treated me for the flu with aspirin. It didn't work, but it was cheap. They treated him for his broken bones. Ann treated him with the appropriate therapy.
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Although this study didn't focus specifically on high-cost drugs, the majority of specialty drugs treat chronic illness, with most members on multiple medications.
Nevertheless, the question remains: Are aminoglycoside antibiotics ototoxic when they are used to treat a chronically infected ear?
When I saw the pain of the injured, my adrenaline kicked in and I began to treat them.
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 amended sections 351, 354, 355, 356 and 1036 of the Internal Revenue Code to, in general, treat certain preferred stock as "property other than stock" for purposes of the specified sections.
chemical companies no longer have EPA approval to sell CCA to treat wood for use around homes, though retailers have until May 16 to sell CCA-infused lumber still in supply pipelines.
However, the basic definition for this scientific process doesn't define the role of the heat treat facility.
Second, if amounts are paid within two-and-a-half months after the end of the calendar year in which the employee performed the services for which the payments are being made, the employer may elect to treat these amounts as not being subject to section 3121(v), if all employees and all similar plans are treated alike.
Now corona technology is shaping up to treat even large, irregular parts like car bumpers and contoured profiles.
My main concern is we appropriately treat the water that will be spread or otherwise applied in that region to a point where it won't concern those folks (who) will be surrounded by that water application,'' Roberts said.
Studies by others have suggested that specialist physicians may treat ailments ranging from heart disease to stroke more effectively than general practitioners and family physicians, who together are called generalists.
A heat treating and aging system designed for aluminum castings in continuous and batch configurations combines heat treat, quench system and aging oven with core sand removal capability.