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a travesty of justice

A legal act or decision that is so unjust that it seems like a grotesque mockery or imitation of the way the justice system is supposed to operate. The acquittal of the mass murderer is an absolute travesty of justice. Many see the government's incarceration of the activists to be a travesty of justice.
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travesty of justice

a miscarriage of justice; an act of the legal system that is an insult to the system of justice. The jury's verdict was a travesty of justice. The lawyer complained that the judge's ruling was a travesty of justice.
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And indeed, the Cockettes' history plays like a travesty of the evolution of a Christian religion: A group of disenchanted cluster around a charismatic leader (he can't heal the sick, but he can provide the boring a makeover).
To this is now added a second CD featuring the full Tommy rock opera as originally performed at the February 14, 1970, gig and before it became a multi-media travesty. This is rock and pop history in the making.
He was only awarded a pitiful five England caps, what a travesty.
The rest of the bishops, clergy and people submitted to the travesty, some caring nothing, some hoping for better days in the future, many going along with the trend of the day as the politically correct thing to do.
Any other company would have produced a travesty, like Jay Leno playing Hamlet.
The fight, a sequel to a March 13 travesty in New York at which Lewis appeared a winner to everyone but the judges, will be at venue yet to be announced - either a Park Place property or as a joint venture with another casino.
Through his use of CinemaScope, Graham appears to be making a sardonic comment on the film industry, as when he writes in an essay accompanying the exhibition that "Vexation Island is a costume picture, that is to say, a travesty."(6)
"It's an absolute travesty we're not in the final, an absolute travesty.
KIDDERMINSTER Harriers manager Mark Yates described this week's 1-0 reverse to Kettering as a travesty.
Blues boss Alex McLeish admitted it would have been a "travesty" if Birmingham had not seen off Bristol, but Franck Queudrue's bullet header won it for Blues in the 87th minute.
BILLY STARK branded Queen's Park's defeat a total travesty and admitted it left him sickened.
They said they were disappointed,but were proud to be British,displaying no bitterness or resentment about what in my opinion was a travesty of a marking system.
It was a crowning achievement, and many view Tom Hanks's Oscar victory for Forrest Gump over Hawthorne as a travesty.
Brian Meehan's Travesty Of Law is worth a chance if it stays relatively fast, but if the rain really gets into the ground then Poppy's Song would appeal.
It's a free country." But no one has the right to stir up hatred of the Catholic, or any other faith, by issuing a blasphemous travesty of its dogma, history, and rituals.