travel with (someone or something)

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travel with (someone or something)

1. To make a journey while in the company of someone. She's traveling with her friend Mary across Europe this summer. They're just at that age where they don't want to travel with their parents anymore.
2. To make a journey while supervising or accompanying someone or some animal. I'll be traveling with some students from my class to Washington, DC, next month. That's the last time I ever travel with my pets on an airplane!
3. To bring something with one while making a journey. Why on earth are you traveling with so many pieces of luggage? I always travel with a portable charger for my phone.
4. To make a journey while suffering from some illness, injury, or ailment. You really shouldn't travel with the flu. I don't know how I'm going to travel with this broken leg.
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travel with someone

1. to associate with someone; to move about in association with someone. She travels with a sophisticated crowd. I am afraid that Walter is traveling with the wrong group of friends.
2. to make a journey with someone. Do you mind if I travel with you? Who are you going to travel with?
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travel with something

to have something with one as one travels. I always travel with extra money. I hate to travel with three suitcases. That is more than I can handle.
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