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Depending on whether or not you are traveling with children or even pets, what you need to take with you will be very specific.
If you are traveling with pets, ensure that your hotel accepts pets.
One of the most influential voices in travel, radio travel show host Stephanie Abrams, heard nationally on the Business Talk Radio Network, will host this seminar with tips on traveling with your furry family members and finding pet-friendly accommodations around the world.
One-third (33%) of business travelers are traveling to attend a trade show or conference, with mid-size business employees more likely to be taking such a trip.
Despite higher gas prices, Americans continue traveling to popular domestic destinations such as Florida, Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.
Heightened security measures will continue to be a focus for those traveling into and out of the US as well as around the world.
To further address possible risks, most corporations are requiring employees to book all travel through company channels, are requesting additional contact information, and are urging caution when traveling in international destinations.
In today's economy, corporate executives need to know where and why their employees are traveling," said Tom DePasquale, president and CEO of Outtask.
By keeping employees traveling within policy, companies can exercise greater control over their travel expenditures.
e-Travel was selected for its online suite of Enterprise Travel Management (ETM) services that allow traveling employees to plan and purchase complete itineraries, including air, car, rail and hotel, all within company guidelines.
Business travelers continue to seek ways to stay productive while traveling, especially with recent heightened security measures increasing the amount of time they spend in airports.
Green: "Shops are accessible from all gates, and you don't find yourself running from one end of the airport to the other for that forgotten snack, essential for traveling.
AMEX: DOC), a global leader in telemedicine, today announced the highly anticipated launch of their travel insurance and assistance product, Travelers Angel Protection Plan, which is available for purchase by the traveling public and authorized Travel Agents via the new website at www.
com site, including products for people traveling with kids and infants, consumer electronic equipment that is essential to travel, travel books and audiobooks, language and travel software, and all the essentials for a road trip.