travel over

travel over (something or some place)

1. To move or journey from one side of something to the other. We'll need to travel over the desert in order to reach the village. I travel over this bridge every day as part of my commute.
2. To move or journey across a large or wide area of some place. In this usage, the word "all" can be used between "travel" and "over." She has traveled all over the world as part of her job. The politician is traveling over the state for his reelection campaign.
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travel over something

1. to go over something as part of a journey. We had to travel over an old bridge over the Mississippi to get to my sister's house. We will travel over a long narrow strip of land to get to the marina.
2. to travel widely over a great area. She spent the summer traveling over Europe. I have traveled over the entire country and never failed to find someone I could talk to.
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