travel on

travel on something

1. to make a journey on a particular conveyance. Do you like to travel on the train? I do not care to travel on the bus.
2. to travel having certain bodily states, such as on an empty stomach, on a full stomach. I hate traveling on a full stomach. I can't stand to travel on a full stomach.
See also: on, travel
References in classic literature ?
But, though Sophia had great curiosity to know why the other lady continued to travel on through the same bye-roads with herself, nay, though this gave her some uneasiness, yet fear, or modesty, or some other consideration, restrained her from asking the question.
It gave him goose-flesh to think of the season's aggressive cheerfulness, and in his desire to avoid the obvious he determined to travel on Christmas Eve.
He thought now to travel on without stopping until he had come to Sherwood, but ere he had gone a half a score of miles he felt his strength giving way beneath him like a river bank which the waters have undermined.
Prize winners must travel on the Dream Journey coach from Liverpool to collect their tickets.