travel on

travel on (something)

1. To move or journey atop some surface or along some path. We won't be able to travel on the main road until they've finished their work. I hate traveling on water. I always get so seasick.
2. To move or journey using some particular mode of transportation. I really don't mind traveling on the bus. It gives me a chance to catch up on some reading. I didn't travel on an airplane until I was nearly 30 years old. Our car broke down halfway there, so we had to travel on foot for the rest of the way.
3. To move or journey while carrying some kind of pass or authorization. If you're over 66 in Ireland, you can travel on their Free Travel Scheme all over the country! You can travel on your student visa around the rest of Europe, but you'll have to bring your proof of enrollment with you wherever you go.
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travel on something

1. to make a journey on a particular conveyance. Do you like to travel on the train? I do not care to travel on the bus.
2. to travel having certain bodily states, such as on an empty stomach, on a full stomach. I hate traveling on a full stomach. I can't stand to travel on a full stomach.
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