travel for

travel for someone or something

to go from place to place selling for someone or a company. Walter travels for his uncle, who runs a toy factory. She travels for a company that makes men's clothing.
See also: travel
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travel domain, the CTC, along with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) and other tourism-related organizations, provinces, cities, and communities, will provide a unified and easy-to-navigate online world of travel for consumers and businesses alike to explore Canada.
Since 1989, MacNair Travel & Cruises - a privately owned American Express Travel Services Representative - has taken a proactive consulting approach to the management of travel for individuals, corporations of all types and sizes, national presidential campaigns, and VIPs from around the globe.
New customers have been drawn to MacNair Travel for its fee and fare saving travel management systems.
Executive Director Brent Gibadlo today announced that the Association of Travel-Related Industry Professionals (ATRIP) has been established to give a voice to professionals in the travel industry who support the Constitutional right to freedom of travel for all Americans.
Automatically tracks and notifies traveler of non-refundable tickets up to the day of travel for rebooking if their travel plans have changed.
We are committed to continue to forge new ground in travel packaging automation to ensure that new companies such as Companion Holidays as well as long-standing tour operators, resorts and airlines are able to sustain profitability while improving the quality of travel for consumers.
The store also offers discounted travel for the flexible traveler through Hotwire, cruise vacations through National Leisure Group's The Vacation Store, and thousands of travel-related items from Amazon.
Employees of corporations who plan travel for multiple individuals in a corporation will welcome the arrival of ITN's Travel Arranger functionality, an industry exclusive with which corporate travel arrangers can access and schedule travel arrangements by multiple profiles and trips for a given event or meeting.
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