travel by

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travel by something

1. to make a journey, using a particular conveyance. I will go by train, since I don't like to travel by plane. We traveled by car, since that is the cheapest.
2. to make a journey under particular conditions. I don't ever travel by night. We like to travel by day so we can see the scenery.
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While allowing customers to make monthly payments cuts into cash flow, managers argue that the option puts people on its airplanes that would otherwise never travel by air.
The savings to a company from using business aircraft for frequent and unanticipated travel by one or more valuable middle to top-level management personnel can often exceed the commercial airfare.
Embassy in Kathmandu (977-1- 441-1179) for the latest security information before traveling to outlying areas, and to travel by air when possible.
Americans who do travel there are asked to avoid travel to the interior parts of the country; travel by U.S.