travel across

travel across (something or some place)

To move or journey from one side of something or some place to the other. We'll need to travel across the swamp in order to reach the village. He traveled across Europe on foot as part of his pilgrimage. I have to travel across this bridge every day as part of my commute.
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travel across something

to make a journey across something or some place. We have to travel across the desert to get there. I do not want to travel across that rickety bridge on the way back.
See also: across, travel
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Indeed, that load was a heavy one per man with which to travel across the burning desert, for in such places every additional ounce tells.
She resolved, therefore, to travel across the country, for at least twenty or thirty miles, and then to take the direct road to London.
| BRITAIN'S train companies will no longer be part of the Interrail and Eurail schemes which allow tourists to travel across Europe with a single pass.
Thousands of people travel across Al-Karama Bridge every day, their only access way to the world from the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
"The Knot ticket is also valid on our 54 and 54A services between Stafford and the i54 business park, connecting customers with this major site of employment and growth." Dan Flanagan, Operations Manager at First Potteries, said: "We are pleased to be part of the new scheme that will provide seamless travel to people who want to travel across Staffordshire using the new ticket.
A NEW train ticket, billed as the next step towards smart card travel across the North, has been unveiled.
Contis and De Rossi are lovers Ben and Jen who travel across the country, as seen in the movie's teaser released by Open Minded Ka Ba Media on Tuesday.
A TOTAL of 140 Irish teenagers are set to grab a golden ticket for free rail travel across Europe.
[USA], April 5 (ANI): Amidst the reports of United States President Donald Trump deploying national guards at the US-Mexico border, a caravan of migrants from Central America reportedly suspended their decision to travel across the US border on Thursday.
Summary: The show sees the TV presenter and her seven-year-old daughter travel across multiple countries in Europe
The bus service for passengers on both sides of LoC runs on Monday every week but remained suspended last Monday due to Independence day celebrations of Pakistan and no passenger could travel across LoC, an official of Trade and Travel Authority (TATA) said.
The convoy assisted by Dubai Police comprise volunteers from 14 countries who will travel across the emirate handing over educational materials.
Passenger trains will travel across Danube Bridge 2 as early as December 2014, Bulgaria's deputy Transport Minister Anton Ginev announced.