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The new platform features advanced artificial intelligence and provides cognitive computing, predictive data analytics using "what-if" type scenarios, and integrated travel and expense data to help travel management teams, procurement category managers, business units, finance and human resource departments optimise their travel program, control spend and enhance the end-traveller experience.
Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Atlas Travel and Technology Group was launched in 2013 to oversee business operations of technology innovator Prime Numbers Technology and travel management firm Atlas Travel.
H.I.S (Philippines) Travel Corp., Hanatour Manila Inc., Hankookeeb Corp., Horizon Travel and Tours Inc., International Journeys Inc., Island Resort Club Tour Services Inc., Jtb Asia Pacific Phil.
Travel agencies that can accept Korean temporary visitor's visa applications are Aboex Travel and Tours, Adventure International, Blue Horizons Travel and Tours Inc., Budget Travel and Tours Inc., Casto Travel Philippines Inc., City Travel & Tours Corporation, Come On Phils.
Get travel advisories or weather alerts delivered to your phone.
Following the strict check Saudi Embassy found the document false and banned the travel agents.
In fact, many researchers have attempted to apply public transport smart card data and GPS data for travel behavior characteristic analysis.
The Travel Industry Conference offers a comprehensive education performance designed for travel professionals and features over 20 Focus Conferences across diverse travel categories.
In addition, upon the closing, Chemla will become a shareholder and join the board of directors of Travel Leaders Group Holdings.
The Global Business Travel Association, a business travel and meetings organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., ( estimated  in a report released Feb.
Hays, which employs around 1,000 people and posted record results earlier this year, has moved into the corporate travel market with a view to providing a better service for the business community.
This event is one of the most professional, educational and organized events in the travel industry.
Summary: So you love to travel? The tarot spread can be used to perform a reading on forthcoming journeys.
Travel City, a leading travel and hospitality company in Oman, has recently been introduced into the global network of FCm Travel Solutions, one of the world's leadA[degrees] ing corporate travel and expense management consultancies.