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Pc Mark Goulding, wildlife and environmental crime officer at South Wales Police, said: "While it is not an offence to possess a gin trap, it is however a banned trap to set under Section 8 of the Pests Act 1954."
Getting the drift: examining the effects of timing, trap type and taxon on herpetofaunal drift fence surveys.
The trap had broKen the bone and the teeth of the trap were nearly meeting.
I do agree that some people do not use traps properly and doing such is cruel, but when used correctly they are a humane tool.
A gin trap similar to the one found at Kenfig National Nature Reserve
During trap checks, the contents of each trap cup were strained using a paper paint filter.
The gist is that you create a hole or small structure with a single opening that your target animal won't be able to resist investigating, and set your trap in front of the bait.
To determine factors that influenced trap saturation, the following parameters were quantified for each hour of observation of video recordings: 1) the number of American lobsters entering, escaping, and surrounding the traps and 2) the accumulated catch.
A total of 1650 trap nights (25 groups of 3 traps each night for 22 nights) resulted in 96 individual animals captured during the study.
When saturation occurs, the number of insects in a trap does not accurately represent the number of entries into the trap, resulting in an underestimate of the population.
Carnivorous pitcher plant traps rarely catch much, but their lackadaisical hunting turns out not to be so lame after all.
Skylanders Trap Team Revolutionizes the Gaming Industry, Offering the Full AAA Console Experience on Both Tablet and Console -- for the First Time Ever
There are currently two different varieties of trap distributed by ADFSC -- a pheromone trap and a light trap.
In the second strategy, arrays of weirs or dams are used to trap cells as they move through a fluidic device under hydrodynamic forces.