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transpose something (from something) (to something)

 and transpose something (from something) (into something)
to change something, usually in music, from one musical key to another. Can you transpose this from F-sharp to a higher key? It would be easy to transpose it into a higher key.
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Transposing Broadway employs a "montage" approach that allows Hecht to include dozens of musicals in each chapter rather than tracing the chronological development of the musical (as Most and others have done).
Transposing a melody written for piano from one pitch level to another is straightforward enough, conceptually.
The Commission is also examining the situation in other Member States to which it has addressed reasoned opinions for not fully transposing the Electricity and Gas Directives.
Top-Eye, the Transposing, Impregnably Permeating, Permeably Impregnating Sailor Man
Many EU countries were also late transposing the EU's second power and gas directives into national law, and the EC had to launch formal infringement procedures against nearly all of them.
The constitutional courts of these two countries have annulled the national laws transposing the directive for insufficient protection of privacy.
The member states have posted their best result ever on transposing internal market rules into national law on time, according to the 20th Internal Market Scoreboard published by the European Commission, on 1 March.
To date, seven months after the transposing deadline, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain have not yet communicated to the Commission a complete set of transposing measures, and the United Kingdom has not communicated transposing legislation covering Gibraltar.
The Commission has addressed the issue of not fully transposing the directives in the two countries by sending letters of formal notice to Finland and Poland in September and November 2011, respectively.
The deadline for transposing the directive, which has been in force since 1 January 2010, was 4 June 2009.
Rome replied on 16 May 2006 evoking the transmission, on 12 May 2006, of a decree transposing Directive 2003/35/EC.
Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal will all be referred to the Court of Justice for failing to notify their national measures transposing Directive 2005/47/EC on working conditions for rail workers in cross-border rail services.