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To find the key to transpose to, add the two flats of the key of B-flat (the name of the instrument): [??] + [??] [flat] = [flat].
A reasoned opinion is the second stage in the infringement procedure for failure to transpose directives within the prescribed period.
Users can determine the notes in a given scale, find the notes in any chord, transpose from one key to another, find an unknown key knowing only one corresponding note or chord within the known (present key) and within the unknown key (final key), determine CAPO positioning on the guitar, determine the number of sharps or flats in a particular key signature and more.
All 27 EU countries were required to transpose most of the provisions in the EU's third power and gas market opening directives, adopted in 2009, by March 3, 2011 and to inform the EC of them.
The European Commission decided, on 26 June, to refer nine member states - Austria, Belgium (Brussels Region), Greece, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the United Kingdom - to the EU Court of Justice for failure to transpose Directive 2004/35/EC on liability for environmental damage into their national laws.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was condemned on 18 May by the European Court of Justice (case C-354/05) for failing to transpose the Directive on gas market liberalisation (2003/55/EC), which should have been grafted onto national statute books by 1 July 2004.
Athens, Berlin and Vienna will have to explain to the EU Court of Justice the reasons for their continuing failure to transpose the Services Directive (2006/123/EC) and may end up with substantial penalty payments.
The Commission is acting against Finland for failure to fully transpose and implement the Community legislation on the control of ships by the port state (Directive 95/21/EC), which sets common criteria for the inspection of ships passing through Community ports.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled against Sweden on March 30 for failure to fully and duly transpose the Directive on the disposal of waste oil (Directive 75/439/EEC, modified by Directive 87/101/EEC).
Germany and Romania will end up in court if they fail to transpose the controversial EU directive of 2006 on retention of telecoms and internet data.
The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Italy, on 3 April, for its failure to transpose and implement correctly Directive 95/21/EC on port state control.
The Secretary of State for Industry claims the decision to transpose the Directive enjoys a consensus and that France is not now acting merely in response to a threat.