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transpose something (from something) (to something)

 and transpose something (from something) (into something)
to change something, usually in music, from one musical key to another. Can you transpose this from F-sharp to a higher key? It would be easy to transpose it into a higher key.
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Many efforts for identify and detect small SwaI fragments tagging with the transposable elements were done without result, to solve this problem, partial digestions in wild type Psm chromosome were assayed.
Chen, "Human piRNAs Are under Selection in Africans and Repress Transposable Elements," Molecular Biology and Evolution 28, no.
Transposable elements as tools for reshaping the genome: It is a huge world after all
midae, 21% of the microsatellite flanking regions showed similarity (68%-- 90%) to known transposable elements, suggesting an association with microsatellites in this species as well (Appendix Table A4).
Transposable elements constitute the major portion of many eukaryotic genes and have played essential role in genome evolution.
Orange confirmed the system is transposable to other applications in the fields of health, cultural or sports activities and the monitoring of natural or industrial risks, in particular.
Methylation of cytosine in DNA is an epigenetic mark that is important for genome stability, transcriptional regulation of endogenous genes, and permanent silencing of transposable elements and viral sequences.
Implicit here and indeed throughout the book, is the idea that the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition may be understood to have a meaning that is somehow modular, transposable from one socio-cultural context to another while still remaining, in essence, the same.
The exact mechanism of how increased expression of Cyp6g1 occurs in DDT-resistant fruitflies is unknown at this stage, but Daborn and colleagues showed that a transposable element (sometimes known as a 'jumping gene') called Accord is inserted into the Cyp6g1 regulatory sequence (the DNA sequences in front of a gene, controlling its expression).
Whether the material is transposable to the format or not, studios are eager to have a videogame version piggyback on any major film release.
However, if that something else were indeed key, then why does Harley embrace the neo-modal language of transposable modes--such as "D-Phrygian" (p.
We found that variations of this gene, spurred by mutation and movements of transposable elements, cause a large proportion of color variation in modern grape cultivars," says Owens.
In order to set itself up, however, authorization schemes and regulatory measures that will have been complied with in the initial country of establishment should be made transposable to other countries of establishment without further impediment.
Transposable elements contributions to plant gene and genome evolution.
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