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be in a transport of delight

To be extremely happy. I've been in a transport of delight ever since I got engaged—I just can't stop looking at my ring!
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transport someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or convey someone or something from one place to another. In his car, he transported us from our home to the airport. Please see that this box gets transported from here to the loading dock.
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The commuting experience would gradually be improved within the next three to six months due to the commitment of the transport groups and cooperatives to replace their old and dilapidated jeepneys with modern ones, noted Undersecretary for Road Transport Thomas Orbos.
The DOTr official assured transport groups they will get assistance to ease the requirements for financing the replacement of their decrepit units.
To this matter, the Commission has completed a first stage with its publication, in June 2012, of a group report at a high level, in which it is recommended a progressive opening of European market for the transport of goods by road.
On 14 April 2014, the Commission published a report on "the situation of the market of goods transport by road in the European Union" (COM(2014)222).
In 2011, the European Commission published a new White Paper regarding transports, with the measures that need to be adopted in view of finalizing the internal market of transports.
In 2013, transports held 28.9% of the total returns in the export of services, and in 2014 these totalized 4391 million euro.
Rudd says the problem was the technology for maintaining a vacuum was unreliable and communications between "stationary engines" to co-ordinate the action of providing air and suction to move the transport along was "spotty at best."
While Fibre Channel is not the only possible transport for SANs, it does remain an excellent choice because of its bandwidth (1Gbps with 2Gbps within a year) and its distance capabilities (up to 10Km).
SAN architectures use a straightforward extension of the SCSI protocol to transport data efficiently over local networks.
In general, losses of red meat animals during transport were reported to show a decreasing tendency over recent decades.
Thus, the aim of this study was to assess mortality related to the commercial transport of finisher pigs for slaughter in the Czech Republic in the period from 2009 to 2014, to determine the effect of transport distance and season (external air temperature) on pig mortality and, in addition, to identify trends in the numbers of pigs dying in the process of being transported for slaughter in the monitored period.
For businesses, an alternative can be found by looking at freight transport (road, rail, and inland waterways) as a portfolio.
How this defect in ions transport triggers the lung infections of cystic fibrosis is still hotly debated.
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