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be in a transport of delight

To be extremely happy. I've been in a transport of delight ever since I got engaged—I just can't stop looking at my ring!
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transport someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or convey someone or something from one place to another. In his car, he transported us from our home to the airport. Please see that this box gets transported from here to the loading dock.
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For while writers such as Schlegel indicate the transportive and liberating properties of the arabesque--its function as conduit to religious experience and the eternal--they nevertheless attach a frenetic aspect to a design originally meant to calm the viewer.
Here Tully has attained an aesthetic vision that is transportive, transcendent, rendered in a Wordsworthian present tense.
The American-Israel Pavilion, serving as the portal to a glorious Jewish past and a triumphant Israeli present and future, sought to offer its visitors a transportive and transformative experience.
For Celibidache, music is a pathway to the Void, to a transportive and transcendent Silence.
Further, she stresses how the at once specific ethnohistorical but also transportive capacities of metaphor enable this exchange.
Yet I think we can take the significance of this term even further, for "hypsos" is a term not only associated with "height" or transcendence; it has an intertextual link as well with Longinus's treatise on the sublime, or as he calls it, "hypsos." Longinus associates the term hypsos with especially powerful, transportive discourse.
The phrase "world creation" gets thrown around casually and frequently in cinema, but few modern directors are better at fashioning a totally transportive experience than director Alfonso Cuaron.
That's why they often produce a sense of well-being out of proportion to the actual movie being watched -- and that's also why they go best with certain types of movies, not necessarily feelgood but perhaps transportive, escapist in the best sense.
Whether working in TV ("The Affair") or features, he prefers contemporary projects so he can show audiences how the modern day can also be transportive. "You don't have to go back in time to enter a different world," he says.
If you look closely, though, you'll see that Harkaway's gift lies not just in his knack for imagining environments teeming with a kind of transportive magic, but in the prose itself.
Helms added that fragrance is always an important decision-maker in choosing bath and body products both for the "transportive experience provided during use as well as the lingering delight after use that can be enjoyed all day."
WHILE WELL SUITED for yoga and moving meditation, the 10 downtempo dub tracks on Dub Sutra's debut offering make for a rich, transportive headphone listening experience unto itself.
Schnabel's design, Ogni angelo ha li suo lato spaventoso ('Every angel has its terrifying side"), presents a dreamlike rendering of an old building overlaid with muted primary colors, and is meant to enhance the often transportive experience of fine dining The pieces are now available at Bernardaud's new boutique, which recently opened in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.--E.B.
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