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transmute something (from something) (to something)

 and transmute something (from something) (into something)
to change something from one thing into another. Do you believe that it is possible to transmute gold into lead? No, you cannot transmute one metal into another.
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And smile again, for you're articulating an alchemical calque, that quintessence of loan--which transmutes material as heavy as lead and as light as the wind into the golden immaterial elixir of living language.
Zadiel: Transmutes the lower energies and helps with forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance.
For example, the model of a new type of African American literature which elevates or transmutes elements of "folk" culture into "high" culture proposed in Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex- Colored Man (1912) is heavily marked by Synge and other Irish writers.
In this context it has to do with paradise once possessed and then lost, with an original pastoral perfection that later transmutes into its opposite, time and change creating a gulf between idyllic then and blighted alienated now" (3).
With a Jackie Chan karate chop to the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman, Magdalen Hsu-Li answers back in the name of all outsiders--not as an agitprop political shouter but in the seductive voice of a tenderhearted artist who transmutes anger, beauty, and hope into a fully realized album.
In this way, fascination and preoccupation with and service to one's self transmutes into a vicarious identification with the aloneness of others and their needs.
The Eneida (1798) transmutes the gods into Ukrainian landowners and Aeneas and the Trojans into dispossessed Cossacks of the period after the suppression of the Zaporozhian Sich (Cossack territory) in 1775.
In old age such a star transmutes lighter elements to heavier ones.