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transmute something (from something) (to something)

 and transmute something (from something) (into something)
to change something from one thing into another. Do you believe that it is possible to transmute gold into lead? No, you cannot transmute one metal into another.
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In the last three years, there has been a growing interest in transmuted distributions and several of them have been investigated.
Business scholars from around the world explore the new governance structures and practices in infrastructures now that they have been transmuted from public services into commodities to be bought and sold.
It appeared as a clay square surrounding a circular void that would be transmuted into a clay circle surrounding a square void.
What he "stumbles" toward what he hopes to find he does find: that the asking for answers is the answer itself transmuted by poetry:
On the relatively somber title composition, the ensemble's passion is sublimated as devotional intensity and thus more transmuted than muted.
Equilibrium conditions are shown to possibly exist under stable conditions, transmuted conditions, or unstable conditions.
Although LTI, which can trace its roots back to 1919 through Carbodies, which over time eventually transmuted into LTI, it was not until 1948 that the company built its first taxi, the FX3, based on an Austin vehicle.
But he continued to watch the profession critically from the calm of Wells (chosen because it is the smallest cathedral city in the country), and saw many of his ideals reborn in slightly different form--for instance system building is transmuted into prefabrication, and the newly understood necessity of increasing urban density makes tall buildings essential.
But the idea of the blues--suffering transmuted into beauty--is all over these lyrics.
Soulages's Outrenoir family of paintings--a neologism invented by the artist to signify "beyond black, a light which is transmuted by black"--were exhibited in a concurrent show at Robert Miller Gallery.
Dana Caspersen, her voice transmuted into nasal male tones, attempts to justify something to the catatonic San Martin.
2] transmuted Einstein himself into a new form of energy, the superstar scientist.
For instead of collapsing utterly, like its predecessors, Rome was first broken into fragments and then transmuted into the political and religious institutions that served as a foundation for modern Western civilization.
So what began, in Greek, as a wind egg was transmuted, in Latin, into a urine egg.