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transmute something (from something) (to something)

 and transmute something (from something) (into something)
to change something from one thing into another. Do you believe that it is possible to transmute gold into lead? No, you cannot transmute one metal into another.
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Staring at Shadows's Purity and Isolation was revealed as illusionary as its apparent singular meaning was transmuted into a succession of fragmentary comments to be gathered and added to the detritus accumulating with the passing of epochs.
If that mutates into something that can be easily transmuted between human beings it would make the plague of locusts look like just a bit of a nuisance.
But the idea of the blues--suffering transmuted into beauty--is all over these lyrics.
Rather, the ideology of Holocaust denial, transmuted from European bigots into the Arab and Muslim mainstream, where it has come to serve as the great unifier coalescing haters - Arab or Persian, Muslim or Christian or others across every ethnic, religious and ideological line.
Soulages's Outrenoir family of paintings--a neologism invented by the artist to signify "beyond black, a light which is transmuted by black"--were exhibited in a concurrent show at Robert Miller Gallery.
Dana Caspersen, her voice transmuted into nasal male tones, attempts to justify something to the catatonic San Martin.
For instead of collapsing utterly, like its predecessors, Rome was first broken into fragments and then transmuted into the political and religious institutions that served as a foundation for modern Western civilization.
So what began, in Greek, as a wind egg was transmuted, in Latin, into a urine egg.
This presumption is overcome by evidence that the spouses intended for the property not to be transmuted to separate property, in such a case, the community nature of the property is preserved.
Looking first at the ways that European thinkers "invented" race, Lively then examines the ways race was transmuted in the shifts from the culture of sentimental abolitionism to the age of empire.
That is theatre, where even the dreams of violence can be transmuted into sympathy, in spite of anger, and in place of fear.
Speaking of the disciples at Emmaus, he writes: "The light of day - the limpid, physical presence of the Son of God in their midst, talking with them, breaking bread will be transmuted into the fire in their hearts, the invisible presence of the Spirit to which they must respond from now on, even if their journey lies in darkness.
At Motion, the project transmuted from a four-hour series in French to a MOW that would be one of the company's first in the English language.
No aficionado of trendy, complex contemporary novels by writers such as Thomas Pynchon or David Foster Wallace will be terribly surprised to come across a work of fiction that traces a single thematic thread running through the lives of a mathematical genius in World War II, his slightly less gifted but equally nerdy grandson in 1999, a gung-ho Marine driven by love and morphine, and a Japanese soldier transmuted by the bestial horrors of war.
Using his personal story of a lost Catholic faith transmuted into a reverential naturalism, Raymo makes it plausible that many, if not all, thinking adults can participate in what surely counts as a maturing of the spiritual impulse.