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transmit something (from some place) (to some place)

to send or dispatch something from one place to another. Can you transmit a fax from your hotel to your office? I can transmit it to any place in the world.

transmit something to someone or something

to send or dispatch something to someone or something. Please transmit this message to Rachel. I will transmit the message to my office.
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0], the expected number of transmitting nodes in a slot is smaller because of the longer average backoff by each node.
Bennett, who described his demonstration model at last week's Eurocrypt conference in Aarhus, Denmark, now plans to build an improved device using an optical-fiber cable for transmitting light pulses over distances up to 500 meters.
The reflecting reemission microscope has the advantage of being able to scan thicker samples rather than the ultra-thin sample-wafers the transmitting microscope must use.
Unlike in wired and cellular networks, in ad hoc networks the nodes can control the topology of the network by choosing their transmitting ranges.
For the first time, researchers have evoked reflex responses in laboratory rats with midbrain neural transplants, demonstrating that such transplants are capable of transmitting specific information in response to natural stimuli.
In addition to infrared transceivers for transmitting data, Avago provides FBAR filters and E-pHEMT and CoolPAM power amplifiers that save battery life and help shrink handset size, surface-mount LEDs that provide backlighting styling options, proximity sensors that automate the speakerphone, and ambient light photo sensors that save battery life by controlling backlighting.
TOKYO:6703) today announced it has succeeded in transmitting video through satellite phone connections with its portable video compression transmitter, MPEG-4 Encoder RS-M.
In addition to transmitting loan data, SMART/Track:
Automatically transmitting high-dollar items to the Federal Reserve on a daily basis eliminates the chance of human error, improves efficiency and positions Frost to confidently escalate its check image exchange volume.