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transmit something (from some place) (to some place)

to send or dispatch something from one place to another. Can you transmit a fax from your hotel to your office? I can transmit it to any place in the world.

transmit something to someone or something

to send or dispatch something to someone or something. Please transmit this message to Rachel. I will transmit the message to my office.
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Almost half (45%) thought that birth control methods besides condoms could prevent sexually transmitted infection, and a majority of the cohort reported inconsistent condom use, Dr.
The amount of several arboviruses transmitted by mosquitoes has been estimated by using artificial saliva collection (1-12).
Sexual behaviour and condom use among individuals with a history of symptomatic genital herpes, Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2006, 82(1): 69-74.
Sexually transmitted infection rates continue to rise among adolescents, disproportionately affecting teens in communities of color.
c], the probability that a transmitted packet will experience a collision, is always smaller than 1/r.
With this approach, each data signal is in fact transmitted over two lines which carry equal and opposite versions of the signal.
Hepatozoonosis, a dog disease transmitted by ticks, with symptoms of fever and emaciation.
In a typical situation, software monitors the transmission reliability by directing the receiving and sending software to acknowledge the transmission link, then agree on a transmission protocol and finally verify the accuracy of the data transmitted.
Oral contraceptives, implants such as Norplant, injectable contraceptives such as Depo Provera, natural skin condoms and intrauterine devices will carry a statement on the labels that the products are intended to prevent pregnancy and do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted disease.
A fatal cancer afflicting Tasmanian devils passes from one of the small marsupials to another when they bite each other, rather than being transmitted via a virus, a new study suggests.
The Institute of Medicine emphasized that data on sexually transmitted infections, Pap smear screening, and cervical dysplasia among lesbians were needed to guide clinical practice, policy development, and patient education.
They experienced no major 'new' epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases or pelvic inflammatory diseases but rather the opposite, and they probably also gained some protection against cancer of the cervix.
The researchers have what they call the ``veneer theory'' for how bacteria get transmitted from iguanas to human beings, Angulo said.
These files are transmitted, usually for a per-return fee, to a third party (either the tax software provider or an associated third-party transmitter), who in turn transmits batches to the IRS.