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transmit something (from some place) (to some place)

to send or dispatch something from one place to another. Can you transmit a fax from your hotel to your office? I can transmit it to any place in the world.

transmit something to someone or something

to send or dispatch something to someone or something. Please transmit this message to Rachel. I will transmit the message to my office.
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A prior history of sexually transmitted infection should not be the sole driving force for teens to acquire knowledge," she said.
To determine whether saliva collection accurately approximates the amount of VEEV transmitted during a mosquito bloodmeal, we quantified virus from saliva collected in vitro and virus deposited at sites of in vivo blood feeding.
adults, ages 18 to 35, say they take "necessary" steps to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases, 82 percent of participants said they don't use protection during oral sex.
If we normalize the slot time as the unit time, in any given unit time duration, the average number of frames that are successfully transmitted is [P.
In typical synchronous clocking designs, data is transmitted from the source and clocked at the receiver using a local clock signal.
Two factors influence the decision: the volume and the sensitivity of data transmitted.
As many as 25 state governments may be participating with the Federal government to allow the state returns to be transmitted along with the Federal returns for 1993 return processing.
Computer-generated returns, transmitted by telephone, generally are easier to process than paper returns; since the information on the forms doesn't have to be keyed in, number by number, by IRS staff into the Service's computers, there is less chance of errors; electronic transmittal is instantaneous, bypassing the frustrating vagaries of the postal system; and the client receives confirmation within a day or two that the return not only was received by the IRS, but was received accurately.
The Institute of Medicine emphasized that data on sexually transmitted infections, Pap smear screening, and cervical dysplasia among lesbians were needed to guide clinical practice, policy development, and patient education.
They experienced no major 'new' epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases or pelvic inflammatory diseases but rather the opposite, and they probably also gained some protection against cancer of the cervix.
The currently low incidence of syphilis represents "a small window of opportunity that we cannot [afford to] lose," says Charlie Rabins, chief of the sexually transmitted disease section of the Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield.
One of the most intriguing aspects of coronavirus-associated severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has been the circumstances under which virus is transmitted to large numbers of persons.