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transmit (something) to (someone or something)

1. To send or dispatch something to someone, something, or some place. You must transmit this package to the consulate as soon as possible. The CEO confirmed that he had transmitted his resignation letter to the board of directors.
2. To send, convey, or communicate something to someone or something through or as through a radio signal, transmission line, fiber optic cable, etc. The spy had been secretly transmitting classified information to his home country using a powerful shortwave radio. Nearly every person and company in the world transmits information to each other over the Internet nowadays.
3. To spread some disease or infection to someone else; to infect someone with something. Infected people can pass the virus to others through the air. Many people become carriers for the disease, unwittingly transmitting it to others because they do not suffer any symptoms of it themselves.
4. To impart or pass on genetic material or information to another person, animal, or plant by heredity. The parent fish can transmit the genetic defects to their offspring. Male-pattern baldness is in part transmitted to men from their maternal grandfathers.
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transmit something (from some place) (to some place)

to send or dispatch something from one place to another. Can you transmit a fax from your hotel to your office? I can transmit it to any place in the world.

transmit something to someone or something

to send or dispatch something to someone or something. Please transmit this message to Rachel. I will transmit the message to my office.
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that an undetectable viral load makes HIV transmittable. This powerful message can help end the HIV pandemic by preventing HIV transmission, and tackling the stigma and discrimination that many people with HIV face.' Researchers estimate that ART prevented around 470 HIV transmissions within couples during the study period.
The virus is not one of the most contagious -- it is transmittable through direct contact such as touching bodily fluids -- but symptoms can take days if not more than a week to show, meaning infected individuals can travel long distances and encounter many people before there's any inkling of their condition.
This overcrowding is causing problems such as transmittable diseases (TB, Hepatitis C, HIV), sanitation issues, food scarcity, increased violence, he said.
"If the desks, kitchen appliances and bathroom facilities in your office were all protected with antimicrobial technology, surely that would help to minimise the spread of infection, lead to a happier, healthier group of employees who are a lot less likely to fall victim to transmittable infections and, in-turn, reduce the colossal outlays associated with workforce absenteeism?"
'The animals consuming the polluted water are getting physiological disorders that are transmittable to the human bodies and can cause unimaginable damages,' they said while referring to a study that milk being consumed by the humans is causing cancer and other disorders besides numerous skin diseases in humans.
* PDF files represent the highest volume of weaponized file types transmitted through observed attack surfaces because of their simple construction and easy transmittable abilities.
Among transmittable diseases, malaria is second only to tuberculosis in number of victims, putting at risk nearly half of Earth's population.
The situation in neighboring Syria and the large influx of refugees has further drained economic resources and put the national health and education system under pressure, with an increase in the number of transmittable diseases," the report said.
It is a treatable condition, but highly transmittable to both animal and humans. The most common cause of dogs catching up mange is getting exposed to an infected animal. 
Parachinar Livestock Assistant Director Fazle Elahi Malagori said some cattle diseases are transmittable to human beings,reported private news channel.
Then Zika struck and the reality of those transmittable disease threats was brought even closer to home in the United States, with more than 5,000 cases reported and America still on high alert.
Environmental Protection Agency's list of prioritized pollutants, other carcinogenic and toxic constituents, as well as transmittable bacteria and viruses.
Your Silent Night eliminates essentially all air-borne particulate: from the tiniest airborne virus and bacteria to toxic, transmittable and allergenic contaminated air that includes mold spores, black mold spores, environment-friendly mold spores, pre-owned smoke, pollen, fumes, smoke and home dirt.
An outbreak of dangerous transmittable tuberculosis, Polio, Measles, Liver disease, and leishmaniasis amongst refugees President Obama sent to Indiana and other states additionally is a frightening suggestion that the administration's negative immigration policies are placing American lives in danger.