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transliterate something (from something) (to something)

 and transliterate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from one set of symbols to another. Donald transliterated the tale from Cyrillic script into Roman letters and still couldn't read it aloud. Can you transliterate this from the original Bengali script into the Roman alphabet? I will transliterate this into Cyrillic.
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110: The author transliterates MVN 9, 161: pisan-dub-ba [gurum.
Sharlach is inconsistent when she transliterates, and nowhere is that as clear as when she transliterates numerical notations.
192 (text 7): The author transliterates the name of the seal-owner as [ir.
Owen describes the latter text as a "tubular shaped bulla" and transliterates the word as kit-tum.
Pomponio transliterates madatti which would mean "My-tribute.
Kennedy sometimes simply transliterates zindiq and sometimes translates it as "Manichaean"; Bosworth generally renders it as "dualist infidel.