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transliterate something (from something) (to something)

 and transliterate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from one set of symbols to another. Donald transliterated the tale from Cyrillic script into Roman letters and still couldn't read it aloud. Can you transliterate this from the original Bengali script into the Roman alphabet? I will transliterate this into Cyrillic.
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Pomponio transliterates madatti which would mean "My-tribute.
Jerome's Latin Vulgate did not transliterate it, and this was the Bible of Western Christians for over a millennium.
A German specialist in ancient Anatolian languages, Payne transliterates and translates inscriptions in the regional hieroglyphic script used by several neo-Hittite states in what is now Syria about 1200-700 BCE.
Thus Yamli was born -- a search engine that transliterates Latin script into Arabic, allowing those without Arabic keyboards to access information online in that language.
Page wizards let editors easily create new web pages from pre-set templates, while the system automatically transliterates the page titles into friendly URLs to contribute search engine optimization.
50: Sharlach here transliterates the geographical name en-[DU.
334) the author transliterates the same sign in the same text as kus.