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transliterate something (from something) (to something)

 and transliterate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from one set of symbols to another. Donald transliterated the tale from Cyrillic script into Roman letters and still couldn't read it aloud. Can you transliterate this from the original Bengali script into the Roman alphabet? I will transliterate this into Cyrillic.
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Davids presented the transliterated title as one complete word, namely Bayanuddin (T 113-23), and the editors chose a slightly different format by correctly presenting it as a phrase, namely Bayan al-Din (ET 115-21).
In order to measure the accuracy of a word recognizer the test data have to be transliterated completely.
An appendix provides the transliterated Pali text of canonical quotations cited by Nagasena, as well as a glossary of technical terms and Pali words which appear in the abridgment.
ki] (ARET VIII 531 [section]25), put into the computer from the transliterated text, does not exist.
The definitions and example quotations are in English, though some short quotations are also in transliterated Assyrian.
The personal names under discussion are normally set in roman type, whether transliterated or normalized, as are personal names transliterated from other scripts.
A transliterated Manchu text is supplied in the appendix.
Cortese started with transliterated Chinese syllables and matched them to the musical stresses in the score, then fine-tuned the fit even more after consulting a Chinese language scholar from Hong Kong.
Close to each transliterated sound is the language in which it is used: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Filipino, Hindi, Russian, French, Arabic, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian, Vietnamese, German .
The rather earnest theme is that conventional Modernist architectural propositions can be transliterated into landscape design thinking and have been in scores of elegant, restrained, sparse and largely orthogonal examples in the postwar Modernist landscape--to a large extent the Scandinavian post-war landscape up to around 1968.
Next to his sign in transliterated Hebrew, ``Felafel Shop'' is his new ``Hummustop,'' set to open in two weeks.
Or is the sound of the sneeze transliterated differently in other languages?
One assumes therefore that the principal target is the non-specialist reader who has a particular interest in social anthropology, although they might find some of the unvocalised forms of the transliterated language, and particularly some of the more unconventional characters, rather difficult to relate to.
A panel of experts at the National Institute for Japanese Language on Wednesday started discussion on finding vernacular replacements for words transliterated from foreign languages.
Although the origin and early history of Barlaam and Josaphat is nothing if not conflicted, the great interest of the present volume lies in its examination of the Japanese version, which appeared, transliterated into the Roman alphabet, in a 1591 collection of saints' lives produced by Jesuit missionaries in Japan, Sanctos no Gosagveono Vchinvqigaqi (`Compendium of the Acts of Saints'), the first Japanese book printed with movable type.