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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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Offline translations allow users to translate a word or sentence on Google Translate app without connecting to the internet.
The powerful technology is now a part of Google Translate, a multilingual statistical service provided by Google translating written text from one language into another.
I cannot muster the 'we' except by finding the way in which I am tied to 'you,' by trying to translate but finding that my own language must break up and yield if I am to know you.
In numeracy, why does deunaw (two nines) translate correctly to 18, whereas deuddeg (two tens) and pumddeg (five tens) translate incorrectly to 12 and 15 respectively?
The problem with translation by a nonnative speaker,'' said Monica Matulich, company spokeswoman for Cyrsh Technologies Corporation, a Woodland Hills-based translation software developer, ``is that they translate according to the way they learned the language in school, which is not necessarily the colloquial or best usage.
businesses wanting to localize and translate to expand business abroad are faced with few choices.
By using the same rate to translate foreign taxes and accumulated profits, the Bon Ami approach preserved the historical ratio between those two items.
The shorthand is then sent to the computer which has a special software program designed to instantaneously translate the shorthand into English text by use of a shorthand dictionary.
He envisions the development of a computer system that recognizes speech in one language, translates the spoken words into another language, and feeds the translated text into a speech synthesizer.
It is that cash flow eventually translates into reportable earnings.
In summary SYSTRAN 6 correctly translates today's modern language
Those interested should seethe PEN Translates page for more details.
10) In his Arabic Tafsir, Saadia consistently renders tsammah as [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ([LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "veil",) (11) a choice of translation echoed among the early medieval lexicographers by Menahem ben Saruq, who offers the Hebrew synonym [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (under the root [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], (12) and Jonah ibn Janah (1875: 612, lines 1-2), who also translates [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE INASCII] in Arabic as [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE INASCII] (under the "biliteral" root [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE INASCII]).
A translator works with the written word, and translates letters, reports, brochures and proposals.
An effective vendor strategy aligns with the industry's pain points and translates them into solutions