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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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4 The Stillborn, byArwa Salih, translated by Samah Selim, forthcoming from Seagull Books
The beta release of translated matching is offered in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese and Turkish versions of Turnitin.
Dark Domain by Eugenio de Andrade Translated by Alexis Levitin.
21) Similarly, items of income, deduction, gain, or loss in a currency different from its own functional currency but the same as its owner's and that are not section 988 transactions are not translated, but rather are taken into account by the owner of the Section 987 QBU under U.
Translation memories are optimal tools for highly repetitive texts that belong to a larger corpus of specialized texts to be translated, present a wide specialized terminology pool and belong to multilingual localization projects.
Not only will the translation be more readable, but you'll also save money by reducing the number of words that need to be translated.
However, because the books by Haitian authors were mostly written in French and not translated into English for some time, they were not widely accessible to the outside world.
The original Latin reads: Et cure spiritu tuo, which is now correctly translated.
James Joyce's Ulysses has been translated into Japanese three times, each time by outstanding writers.
Mariantonietta Acocella examines the fortunes and mutations of these narratives as they were translated into the vernacular, interpreted and adapted for a Christian public, and depicted in engravings, paintings, and fresco cycles.
com/tr) which, instead of putting something in your ear, allows you to input text and have it translated between 19 different language pairs.
He has translated a condensed version of the Old Testament and 25 per cent of the New Testament.
And if Abertawe is properly translated to Tawemouth, why do we call it Swansea?
Tatsuhiko Taira and citizens working to preserve Akita's traditional dialect have translated ''There was an old man/And he had a calf'' and others.