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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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We've noted the growing popularity of Google Translate. Some are predicting the end of the translator and interpreter professions.
I don't mean to say that it is impossible to make an intelligible English translation of the ghazal poetry of someone such as Mir Taqi Mir or Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib; it's just that in the translation we will be limited to selecting one of the various available meanings from which to translate. That is the translator's call: if he has absorbed the poet's vision, he will be able to access the meaning that is most relevant, the key element.'s most popular app integrates with customer support software Zendesk[R], accelerating the communication process between support teams and customers who speak foreign languages.
Indeed, on the California Libraries Facebook page, Madeleine Ildefonso, community branch manager at the Wilshire Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, writes: "Google Translate has helped me with Spanish, Albanian, Bengali and Mongolian!" She uses the web version on a desktop computer, although she would love to try the mobile version.
Translate operates independent of the Internet, avoiding data charges from telecommunication service providers, he explained.
Google Translate and Yahoo's Babel Fish use different translation engines, so it can sometimes help to use both when trying to better understand what you're trying to translate.
Having lived long in Egypt, at one time teaching translation and English at the University of Cairo, Johnson-Davies came to know and translate many Egyptian authors: Tawfiq al-Hakim, Yahya Hakki, Yusuf Idris, Naguib Mahfouz, and many others, whose writings constitute the bulk of his translations.
"I cannot muster the 'we' except by finding the way in which I am tied to 'you,' by trying to translate but finding that my own language must break up and yield if I am to know you."
This volume is comprised of fourteen papers that were presented at a one-day symposium held under the aegis of Harvard University's Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies in May of 1994 in order to investigate "How to translate not only language, but the culture conveyed by that language and expressed through it." Thirteen papers are narrative, reflective, and lend to the reader an eye, so to speak, with which to gain insight into the step-by-step process of critically editing and translating Indological and Buddhist manuscripts and texts from Sanskrit, Vedic, Tibetan, or North Indian vernacular into English, French, German, or Italian.
When translating the taxable income or loss of the Section 987 QBU into the functional currency of its owner, however, the 2006 proposed regulations do not translate the bottom line net taxable income or loss of the Section 987 QBU.
In 1661, the precocious chemist, explorer and mathematician, Johannes Becher produced a numeric system that was allegedly able to translate from Latin into German and postulated a generic mechanism that could be extended to all vernacular languages.
Besides communicating with hotels in their own language, you might also find it helpful to be able to translate websites containing information about the area you are planning to visit.
In numeracy, why does deunaw (two nines) translate correctly to 18, whereas deuddeg (two tens) and pumddeg (five tens) translate incorrectly to 12 and 15 respectively?