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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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This has helped the company double the number of India users for its Translate service in the past six months.
Combining sophisticated artificial intelligence and professional translators, the Translate.
The new Google Translate also features a conversation mode that uses voice recognition and the power of the Internet cloud to translate both sides of a chat between people speaking different languages, the demonstration showed.
A fourth said that because the fight of translation belongs to the copyright holder, it's best to get his or her permission to translate the book.
This means it can not only translate German and French, and so on, into English, but can also translate German into Spanish, for example.
All other single digits are common to both genders ie one, five, six, seven, eight, nine translate to un, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, whether one is counting boys or girls.
Not only could she introduce the refugees to English, but, as a Bosnian, she was available to translate and explain how to do things, such as purchase medications (generic vs name brands), get a driver's license or decipher a bus schedule.
The shorthand is then sent to the computer which has a special software program designed to instantaneously translate the shorthand into English text by use of a shorthand dictionary.
If you have an expert system that knows all about currency exchange, then it's [easy] to translate sentences back and forth between languages - so long as they deal only with currency exchange," says David Roe of Bell Labs.
The new dilemma of cash versus earnings Conventional wisdom says that cash flow must eventually translate into reportable earnings.
com)-- Mobile Translate provides free translation online browsing by phone, tablet, Mac or PC.
The powerful technology is now a part of Google Translate, a multilingual statistical service provided by Google translating written text from one language into another.
10 -- Google has rolled out another update to its Translate app for Android, adding Google Goggle's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
WISH YOUR MOBILE PHONE could also translate Japanese to English?