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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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The translatability approach involves a number of strategies which revolve around two main approaches to equivalence.
Sanneh's model seems to be about cross-cultural hermeneutics through the concept of translatability, but it lacks serious hermeneutical research.
Chen Yi's musical arrangement of the poem addresses the question of its translatability.
Rather than seeing the practices of the "restored humanity" as "suicide," the person who does not share the faith might find them completely "reasonable" due to "their paradigmatic accessibility to others and their translatability into other terms.
Sokefeld's view can also be related to the concepts of "positive" and "negative feedbacks" inherent in Wolfgang Iser's cybernetic model of cultural translatability (passim).
Therefore, in this paper I explore how France's 2011 veil ban may be viewed as Orientalism, spurring a unique form of sexist Islamophobia, which complicates the translatability of Western feminism.
What is more, translators' aesthetic preferences for what constitutes "good" literature in combination with the concerns about translatability and marketability to an English-speaking audience were also important factors in the translation business, as Cohn elucidates in her discussion of Harriet de Onis and Alfred A.
Each of these model systems presents limitations in functionality, reproducibility, translatability and availability.
Although Jakobson emphasizes translatability and transmittability of a massage from linguistic aspects, shouldn't we consider also other aspects of translation?
For example, the claim of the universal translatability of the English word justice is an extraordinarily presumptive one.
The credo of universal translatability implies a notion of universal verifiability.
Most of the poems are informed by frequent allusions to Hungarian literary tradition, which reduces their translatability but makes them familiar and easier to connect with the experiences of contemporary native readers.
By grouping the original and the remake as a "series" and observing how the audiences from different cultural contexts perceive the differences between the two versions of the film, the researcher can learn much about the differences as well as the translatability of these cultural products.
In addition to language, another issue related to translatability is culture-specific concepts.
Smith's goals in this book are threefold: first, to elaborate upon Jan Assmann's treatment of translatability of divinity in the ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds; second, to challenge and overturn Assmann's idea that the biblical tradition completely lacks any notion of translatability of divinity (Assmann's "Mosiac Distinction")--a lynch pin, according to Smith, in Assmann's theory that Mosaic monotheism, in contrast to polytheism, is inherently intolerant and prone to violence; and third, to enrich our understanding of ancient authors' notions of deity as presented in the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Near Eastern texts.