transgress against

transgress against (someone or something)

To commit a serious offense that defies or violates someone or something. There are severe consequences for transgressing against other members of the community. He was excommunicated for transgressing against the principles of the church.
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transgress against someone or something

to make an offense against someone or something. (Stilted and formal.) I did not mean to transgress against you. We did not transgress against the rules of the college.
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Allah says (what means): "The sun and moon revolve to a reckoning/and the grasses and trees bow in adoration/He raised the sky and set the balance/so that none may transgress against the balance." [Qur'an, 55:5-8] Humans must help maintain the cosmic balance by acting justly toward nature as well as toward each other.
Illustrating the alliance between progressives and Islamists, the seeming contradiction of social media penalizing anyone whose views too egregiously transgress against the progressive orthodoxy over here and the Islamic orthodoxy over there actually makes sense.
"Such ugly actions that are alien to Jordanian society and its deeply rooted traditions and genuine social norms are condemnable", a senate statement said, stressing that the judiciary "is the reference to all (people) in any dispute, as Jordan is the state of law and institutions, and no one has the right to transgress against these firm principles".
He called for deferring to the logic of dialogue of peace, not deferring to the logic of intimidation, displacement, extremism and takfiri mentality, voicing rejection of the concept of clashes, adding "this doesn't mean that we will submit and yield to those who transgress against our people and sanctities."
"Our pacifist people are right holders, while terrorists transgress against the rights of others through undermining national gains, and therefore, need to be faced firmly with the law, and in accordance with its provisions," he added.
It is correct to ask where is his moral authority to lead when his henchmen transgress against the faith of Islam in such a blatant and heinous manner." He said: "We offer our prayers and condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives to the enemies of Afghanistan's bright and peaceful future."
We have not only stood and watched but have marched hand-in-hand together to resist and defeat the designs of those who wish to transgress against the values of humanity, he remarked.
Furthermore, women artists in those times had to transgress against societal and cultural norms in order to pursue their work, so the concept of women artists as radicals is present in the narratives as well.
From Cervantes to Proust to Joyce, long before the clatter of postmodernism, the best narrative fiction has come from imaginative literary rebels determined to transgress against whatever brew constituted the wellmade novel of their time.
If somebody transgresses against you, transgress against them the same way."
Their job is to see that the laws of the land are upheld and to bring those who transgress against them to justice.
If you transgress against our communities we will name and shame you and do our best to picture you in this newspaper.
Versification, he explains, has always historically required such blanks, which hold the lines "like a surrounding silence"; with his new poem he does not mean to "transgress against this system, but simply disperse it." Visually, as he explains, the empty spaces of the double page shape the temporal experience of the poem, successively inducing the reader to speed up, slow down, or scan; moreover, they also permit "some simultaneous vision of the Page," which has now replaced the stanza or the line as the quantifying unit of the poem.
If S attempts to transgress against A and B and both challenge, then the transgression fails and the sovereign loses power, resulting in payoffs of 0 to the sovereign (he loses power and hence his payoff of 2) and 7 to each group (8 minus the cost of challenging, 1).