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transform someone or something (from someone or something) (in)to someone or something

to change someone or something from someone or something into someone or something else. Time had transformed gangly little Rachel into a lovely young woman. Manners transformed Tom from a pest into a prince.
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The Discrete Wavelet Transform represents an image as a sum of wavelet functions, known as wavelets, with different location and scale.
In addition, transFORM Gallery will be serving certified organic Grounds For Change coffee, a Washington State coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade.
With the help of above mentioned basic attributes, the wavelet transform is able to create the necessary feature vector required for the iris recognition algorithm.
5m in Transform Exploration to support the company s exploration a
The active ingredient in Transform, sulfoxaflor, was discovered by Dow AgroSciences researchers.
This transform has deeper connection with the Laplace transform.
A new transform called the Aboodh transform defined for function of exponential order we consider functions in the set A defined by
ST is a extension to the ideas of continuous wavelet transform and is based on a moving and scalable localizing window and has characteristics superior to other transforms.
We found that the original Walsh functions, defined in terms of products of Rademacher functions can be used to transform the information into frequency domain faster than FHT and thus leads to speed up the DSP process.
In addition, the curvelet transform is based on a certain anisotropic scaling principle which is quite different from the isotropic scaling of wavelets Discrete Curvelet Transform [DCUT] is a new multi-scale representation most suitable for objects with curves.
Calculating the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) became as easy as performing a simple signal filtering.
Specialty Silicone has even built dies to transform one tube into three.
This initiative began with DeWitt Wallace-Readers Digest grants to the Education Trust to work with six counselor education programs and their local school districts to transform their counselor preparation programs and the field of school counseling.
The system, divided by fault lines called transform faults that lie perpendicular to the ridge, circles the planet like a seam on a baseball.
And finally, Walker also takes time to analyze the ways that home extension agents in the 1920s and the 1930s challenged rural women and sought to transform their gendered division of labor and modes of consumption to turn them from backward farm women into "modern" rural residents.