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transform someone or something (from someone or something) (in)to someone or something

to change someone or something from someone or something into someone or something else. Time had transformed gangly little Rachel into a lovely young woman. Manners transformed Tom from a pest into a prince.
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transFORM creates custom closets, dressing rooms, home offices, libraries, wall units, pantries, media centers, mudrooms, utility rooms, playrooms, garages, and more.
5m in Transform Exploration to support the company s exploration a
The active ingredient in Transform, sulfoxaflor, was discovered by Dow AgroSciences researchers.
This transform has deeper connection with the Laplace transform.
For even more information on how to transform into an e-business, call +650-633-6555, ext.
Also at Transform 2011 Americas, Kofax recognized 17 customers and partners as leaders in their markets through awards for customer excellence, most successful value added reseller and most successful newcomer to the Kofax Global Partner Program.
CONTACT: Murray Roth, President of Transform Software and Services, Inc.
Our collaboration with Transform is intended to help our customers harness these new measurements and imaging approaches in order to find more oil and gas with less risk.
In only minutes and with mouse clicks, Whitehill Transform Configurator allows businesses to extract data locked in a specific output, or print- stream, format and transform it into a more useful, flexible format.
Aptium Oncology is a pioneer in designing, building and managing comprehensive cancer centers with a steadfast vision to transform cancer care environments by bringing every necessary service to one central place.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- (HIMSS 2004, Booth #6419) -- dakota imaging today announced Transform EZ, the company's first data capture and transaction processing solution targeted specifically for mid-sized organizations.
8" Metamorfigures: Transform these aliens into completely unexpected toys with new functions, such as a working lock or motion sensor to guard your room.
Sweet Secrets is a transformable world of dolls and playsets with 12 miniature charms that little girls can wear as jewelry or transform into cute dolls and animal friends.
From the transforming DriveMax Cycles to the all-terrain Transtek Armor Machines, which also transform into a Zord, vehicles remain key in the lineup.
According to the research, leaders have relied mostly on increased training, increased discipline and using outsiders to help them transform culture.