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transfer someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or relocate someone or something from one place to another. Her company transferred her from Houston to Los Angeles. We transferred the boxes from one place to another.

transfer someone or something to someone

to reassign someone or something to someone. I transferred my secretary to Joel, who can get along with almost anyone. Ann transferred her car registration to her sister.
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transfer something (from someone) (to someone else)

to reassign something from one person to another. I have to transfer ownership of this car to my daughter. The title of the car was transferred from me to someone else.

transfer to something

to have oneself reassigned to something. I am transferring to the accounting department. Andy wanted to transfer to a different school.
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celestial transfer

n. death. (Hospital, cruel, jocular word play.) He’s circling the drain. Almost ready for a celestial transfer.
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In particular, if a spouse transferred property to the other spouse, the appreciated value above his or her adjusted basis was a recognized capital gain to the transferrer spouse.
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This global money transferrer ran a signature campaign in which over 200,000 people, including celebrities and eminent personalities, participated by signing up their support to this unique initiative which reached over 1,000,000 people.
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Pro-active thinking for the customers has enabled the global money transferrer to offer a wide range of services to address multiple financial requirements, under a single roof.
Customers of the global money transferrer, who sent money to Kerala from the UAE, during the promotion period, between 17th Aug.