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transfer someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or relocate someone or something from one place to another. Her company transferred her from Houston to Los Angeles. We transferred the boxes from one place to another.

transfer someone or something to someone

to reassign someone or something to someone. I transferred my secretary to Joel, who can get along with almost anyone. Ann transferred her car registration to her sister.
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transfer something (from someone) (to someone else)

to reassign something from one person to another. I have to transfer ownership of this car to my daughter. The title of the car was transferred from me to someone else.

transfer to something

to have oneself reassigned to something. I am transferring to the accounting department. Andy wanted to transfer to a different school.
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celestial transfer

n. death. (Hospital, cruel, jocular word play.) He’s circling the drain. Almost ready for a celestial transfer.
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Bongard then transferred his Class B interests to a separate FLP.
The transferred assets would be the "first payor" of retiree health benefits, so the cash drain on the employer would decrease.
For example, a professional baseball player transferred part of his unfunded deferred compensation plan to his wife in a divorce settlement.
Thereafter, the stock (not the ISO) could be transferred to the non-employee spouse.
Data conversion engines receive the transferred data and convert it to a format that is usable by the receiving system.
In the latter, the IRS held that neither party to a proposed divorce settlement agreement was required to recognize income when either one transferred NQSOs and nonqualified deferred compensation rights to the other.
He or she will then be considered to have immediately transferred the property to the third party.
In contrast, data is transferred at the fastest synchronous rates and bus widths negotiated between any two SCSI devices.
Tax practitioners know that if the transfer of property subject to a liability results in gain recognition, there is also a step-up in the basis of the transferred property.
Percent transferred by resident primary physician: 86%
Using Aspera Scp, the same 1-gigabyte file was transferred in 2min and 54sec, a 30 times improvement, and with 97% bandwidth utilization.
Further, certain nonrecognition transactions will terminate a GILA (without triggering gain), provided that immediately after the transaction, the transferred stock's basis is not greater than the U.
Since the resource provider retains control of the transferred assets, no actual contribution has been made.
1 reporting is required only outside a "safe harbor"--specifically, if the cumulative fair market value of property transferred and services provided in relevant reportable transactions exceeds $1 million for the reporting person or partnership.
The Department of Human Services would have no way of knowing that an individual transferred assets more than 30 months prior to his/ her application because the Department is legally restricted to a 30 month look-back period, thus making the likelihood of finding violations even more remote.