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transcribe something from someone or something

to write something down from an audible source. We transcribed the folktales from authentic storytellers. I transcribed the tale from an old phonograph recording.
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transcribe something in something

1. to transliterate one alphabet into another. Can you translate these roman-ized Korean words into the Korean script? We had to transcribe the entire novel into Cyrillic.
2. to represent speech sounds in a phonetic transcription. The editor wanted the pronunciation transcribed in dictionary-style phonetics. It is much easier to transcribe the material in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
3. to write something down in something. Please transcribe this list of names in your notebook. I can't read what is transcribed in my book.
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a thorough and exact reproduction of the print text with respect to wording, spelling, punctuation, the correct formation of braille characters, the proper use of contractions, the correct application of all rules of braille transcribing, the proper division of words, and the use of correct braille formats.
The incorrect application of rules also affects the accuracy of braille transcribing.
Accurate and consistent formatting is a third characteristic of quality in braille transcribing.
As in two previous studies from other states (Correa-Torres & Howell, 2004; Leigh & Barclay, 2000), this finding illustrates that teachers of students with visual impairments are often personally responsible for transcribing the instructional materials that their students need.
In their study on the production of textbooks and instructional materials, Wall and Corn (2002) reported that computers are used in transcribing braille for students with visual impairments across the United States.
Personnel who are responsible for transcribing braille should continue to be highly encouraged to proofread materials carefully or to have someone else who is knowledgeable about the braille code and proper formatting proofread the materials.
This finding implies that school personnel may be regularly transcribing materials for students that contain formatting and spacing errors.
States use a variety of methods to determine proficiency in transcribing braille, which makes it difficult to compare the skills of transcribers.
Little is known about the production of braille instructional materials in Texas public schools, specifically, what instructional materials are transcribed into braille or who is responsible for transcribing these materials.
This project was part of a larger study that examined the backgrounds of school district personnel who are responsible for transcribing braille in Texas and the actual quality of the materials that they produce.
The respondents in the larger project were approximately 140 school personnel who were responsible for transcribing literary materials into braille in Texas public schools.
The third section requested information about the types of materials that they were currently transcribing.
1%) reported that they spent no time each week transcribing instructional materials into braille, and these 4 responses were not included in the final database.
Electronically transcribing the Academy Awards offered tremendous benefits to actors, producers and the media.
Although our traditional stronghold has been in the legal software market, this application of StenoCAT exemplifies its potential for electronically transcribing a variety of events -- from executive meetings to media interviews to award ceremonies," said Bill Holmes, vice president of sales and marketing for Gigatron.