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transcribe something from someone or something

to write something down from an audible source. We transcribed the folktales from authentic storytellers. I transcribed the tale from an old phonograph recording.
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transcribe something in something

1. to transliterate one alphabet into another. Can you translate these roman-ized Korean words into the Korean script? We had to transcribe the entire novel into Cyrillic.
2. to represent speech sounds in a phonetic transcription. The editor wanted the pronunciation transcribed in dictionary-style phonetics. It is much easier to transcribe the material in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
3. to write something down in something. Please transcribe this list of names in your notebook. I can't read what is transcribed in my book.
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8S ribosomal RNA gene, and internal transcribed spacer 2,
To simulate how the participants typically transcribed materials for students, I asked them to prepare the worksheet by using specialized equipment, such as a Perkins Brailler; a direct-entry computer program, such as Perky Duck; or braille-translation computer software, such as MegaDots or Braille 2000 (see Table 1 for how the participants prepared the transcriptions).
Three Choruses from Messiah, for String Quartet--George Frideric Handel, transcribed and edited by Graham Bastable.
They need to be transcribed in case there are disputes about what was said.
Each transcribed message features easy one-click link access for responding to messages either via return phone call or SMS text message.
Little is known about the production of braille instructional materials in Texas public schools, specifically, what instructional materials are transcribed into braille or who is responsible for transcribing these materials.
This upstream insertion could affect how often the gene was transcribed, and thus the amount of a detoxifying enzyme produced.
Structured documentation (SD) using electronic notes has several advantages over dictated and transcribed notes.
Milhaud, who calls this twenty-minute work a Cinema-Symphony on South American Tunes, says, "Still haunted by my memories of Brazil, I assembled a few popular melodies, tangos, maxixes, sambas and even a Portuguese fado and transcribed them with a rondo-like theme recurring between each successive pair.
The data were transcribed, translated, and analyzed by task type, type of art, and social organization.
To get a sense of the wide range of tab available, check out the Jungle or Olga sites that archive thousands of songs simply transcribed.
Maverick Tory MP Mr Alan Clark left two volumes of unpublished diaries which could yet be printed - if they can be properly transcribed, it was revealed yesterday.
Leading Carrier in Brazil Lets Subscribers Quickly and Easily Read Voicemails as Transcribed SMS Text Messages
Seven collections with over 900 pages have already been transcribed by 47 volunteers in DigiVol, and more than 30 volunteers continue to work with State Library staff on other activities to support Q ANZAC 100, she said.
The message is reportedly transcribed by a team of audio typists and sent by e-mail or text to the selected destination.